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Hi, I am Doug Freeman a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, I have been training BJJ for over 7 years.  I love BJJ its my passion in life and I wanted to create a blog to give back some information on something i’m pretty knowledgeable about: BJJ Gis.  I love BJJ Gis and I can say I am a bit of an aficionado, I love trying and testing a new BJJ Gi on the mats.  Some may think i’m a BJJ Gi snob, but having a good BJJ gi is important to get a more rewarding comfortable experience.  So if you want to read a review on the best BJJ Gis.  This Blog will cover all Bjj Gi types from Cheap Bjj gi kimonos to more top of the line Gis. I hope you enjoy my blog on the best Bjj Gi Reviews 

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