Ashi Garami Fundamentals Review: Must Read Before Buying

One of the BJJ positions that have gained popularity for being the most effective in recent times is the Ashi Garami.

A lot of athletes that are on the top of the game make use of the position of locking the foot into locks of the opponent.

The technique has its basics that one needs to learn well through various courses such as one from popular instructor Gustavo Gasperin called Ashi Garami Fundamentals.

But should you buy the course? My unbiased Ashi Garami Fundamentals Review can help you get an answer to this question.

About the Course: What Is It?

Ashi Garami Fundamentals Overview

Most of the BJJ students have one big challenge in front of them, and that’s connecting all of the techniques they learned and is called “game building.” 

Understanding how a specific technique works can be great, but what does one do if the opponent can defend it. There has to be a follow-up technique.

When I talk about Ashi Garami Fundamentals, this is not your usual instruction video with several isolated techniques that aren’t connected. The information is well organized in a predictable manner that gives you an accurate plan that can be executed properly.

The main course focuses on making a solid foundation for the open guard and leg-lock game through Ashi Garami.

As an initial submission attack, you get to learn in detail about the Single-leg X-guard as well as the Ankle Lock. 

What All Is Included in Ashi Garami Fundamentals Course?

Ashi Garami Fundamentals Course

The course is mainly divided into two parts. The first one being the main curriculum that focuses mainly on the ankle lock and Ashi Garami.

Then for the second part, you get several bonus videos that teach you advanced positions and submissions. You will get to learn so much as the information is detailed. 

The core curriculum in Ashi Garami Fundamentals includes:

  1. The Ashi Garami Position.
  2. Arm Positioning for the Ankle Lock.
  3. Finishing the Ankle Lock.
  4. Adjusting the Ankle Lock.
  5. Entries from Top Position.
  6. Countering Early Defenses.
  7. Tripod Ankle Lock and Variations.
  8. Tripod Ankle Lock as the First Option.
  9. Knee Torque Submission and Options.
  10. Single-Leg X-Guard Position.
  11. Single-Leg X-Guard Entries.
  12. Standard Sweep and Variations.
  13. The Assis Sweep and Options.
  14. Finishes from Top Side Ashi Garami.
  15. Modified X-Guard Tripod Sweep.
  16. Transition to X-Guard.
  17. X-Guard to the Back.
  18. Mount Escape Re-Entry.
  19. Modified X-Guard Sweep.
  20. Countering the Back Step

The Bonus material:

  1. A Guide to the Main Leg Lock Positions.
  2. Straight Ankle Lock Defense.
  3. Ankle Lock Early Defense.
  4. The Science of the Straight Ankle Lock.
  5. The Science of the Toehold.
  6. Kneebar Submission Explained.
  7. Is Knee Reaping Dangerous?
  8. Understanding the Heel Hook Submission.

Who Can Benefit from The Program?

You will find this program useful if:

  1. You are just a beginner. All of the techniques are IBJF legal, also white.
  2. People that are aware of straight ankle locks but are in search of more options.
  3. Anybody that wants to add techniques like Single leg X-guard, Ashi Garami, counters as the main responsibility for the game plan. 

The course is certainly detailed. This means that you get to learn the basics well. There is also an effective explanation of the way ankle lock can work in your favor. Then there is quick progress towards the way one can include it to rolling. 

This program will:

  1. Change the way you position your feet.
  2. Going to open up guard passing as there are more options created.
  3. You have a complete game plan. And you can gradually build up the ankle lock game.

Here’s a sample clip to help you get an idea of the teaching style:

Ashi Garami Fundamentals Review: Pros and Cons


There are some interesting factors that I like about the program:

All-Inclusive Course:

You get both of the Gi as well as non-Gi deviations included in this course. This offers a huge variety that can improve your technique to a great extent.


Each of the instruction is easy to understand as everything that’s being taught is broken down into simple steps.

Just the order of the videos helps you to immediately include techniques in your game. 

Rather than dividing the content of the topics, you have one unit that can be seen more like a step-by-step guide.

Much More Than Ankle Locks:

One of the videos that I found to be cool was the ‘X Guard to the Back,’ and this sets the condition for the leg lock attack. 

No Stress on The Rules:

For competition play, you don’t have to think twice about things that you can do and can’t. The program has all of the techniques that are IBJJF legal and for all of the belts. 


There isn’t much that I could see when it comes to the fault of the program. The only con that I can think of is:

Good Internet Connection Required:

As all of the files need to be downloaded, you need to make sure that you have good internet speed.

This is a point that is not much of the fault of the program, but the file size is big, so you need to be well prepared for it. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of my Ashi Garami Fundamentals Review, I can just say that I’m very happy with my purchase. This unique product has immensely helped me with the lock defense, open guard pass, and lock offense. 

This course is highly recommended for anyone that needs help with the ankle lock techniques. You can also learn a new game plan over the existing one, making it far more effective.

If you are a beginner searching for something that can assist you with the basics of leg locks, Ashi Garami fundamentals will work well for you. 

One of the best things is that through Ashi Garami, one can quickly shift leg lock positions.

Once you are well-versed, you can be sure of adding a completely new area in your game, and this makes you a versatile grappler. 

Most of the older grapplers are aware of top half body attacks but understand that it’s just half of your battle.

Ashi Garami Fundamentals is going to give you an upper hand for sure!

Check out the course here!

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