How Hard Can An Average Person Punch? (Both Genders)

Have you heard about or seen the Hollywood movie Rocky IV? If the answer to the question is yes, you must be aware of the boxer named Ivan Drago, whose acting made this movie a blockbuster hit. 

Ivan Drago is well known for his punching speed of about 2,000 pounds PSI. An unbelievable punching speed, isn’t it?

Of course it is! Besides, the speed is much more than the Hyena’s Jaw, which is prominent in breaking a bone within seconds. However, not every punch has the same effect upon the opponent. 

So, punching in the PSI of an average person depends upon the weight categories of boxers. It’s often heard that a typical heavy-weight fighter does a blow between 1200 to 1700 PSI (per square inch).

However, how do fighters exert this much pressure on one another without resulting in catastrophic injuries? Also, how hard can an average person punch? Let us find out through this article how hard an average person can punch and get to know which exercises boxers can do to raise their punching speed.

What Can a Single Punch Do?

For centuries, boxing has been recognized as a recreational game that includes some excellent players. It is a sport of leaving competitors paralyzed with a solo hit. The punches put forth levels of force on the opponent.

Moreover, it requires safety equipment to shield boxers from permanent harm. However, these protection gears are partly helpful. So because of less protection, a fighter can suffer mild and severe consequences of the enormous power that an opponent puts over him.

How to Calculate Person Punching Speed?

Finding out the punching power of the average person is a critical job as many components drive into inferring the answer. 

However, to determine PSI, you can divide the power of the blow with the surface region of the concerned point. You can also calculate PSI by dividing the punch force with the glove or first forming a relationship with the equipment used for measurement. 

As per expert view, an adequate unit of computation of punching speed is equal to Newton. The computation unit got its name after famous scientist Issac Newton shortened as N. Suppose we want to calculate a punching speed of a person whose weight is 80 kg. We will find out that the punching speed of a person is equal to 800 N on the surface beneath his feet.

That is far less than the ordinary punching strength of an amateur boxer, which is approximately equal to 2500 N. The difference is due to the reason that an average person does not have the required practice to put considerable amounts of energy after their punches.

Now, what about the punching speed of other martial artists? How hard do they punch? 

Martial arts like karate have fewer strong strokes than boxing. This is because of various factors. One reason is that boxing is widely known as a terrible warfare sport. Karate became a subject in the school curriculum. So, people consider karate safer for kids to train without the worry of harm.

The difference between other kinds of martial arts and boxing is the force boxers use during strikes. Boxing concentrates all hits on the torso and face while karate hits vulnerable areas like joints, limbs, and balance. So, in martial arts, artists do not use much force while striking like boxers since their stability lies in playing with the weaknesses of their opponents.

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How Genes Affect Punching Skills of Boxers?

Many experts are of the view that several genetic factors affect a punching capability of a person. They also claim that powerful punchers like Mike Tyson and George Foreman have a hereditary propensity of blowing a stroke that provides them an upper hand over others in the boxing ring. Yet, the genetic advantages that these boxers own are not the same. 

Given below are few unique genetic benefits that reflect a tremendous probability of being an influential puncher. 

Big Hands 

Your big hands can become the reason for your success in the boxing arena. So having higher than average wrists and hands will make you more able to transport the power generated from punches. Mike Tyson was one of the boxers who had big hands. Also, his big hands are one of the multiple intents for his skill in the boxing ring. 

Muscle Fibers 

Different athletes have different percentages of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles. Both these muscles offer many benefits to physical competitors. If we talk about the fast-twitch fibers, they connect with the explosive energy of the tissues dealing with actions like jumping, punching, and sprinting. These muscles produce massive stamina for short times but get tired quickly. 

On the other hand, slow-twitch muscles can help in maintaining endurance for more elongated periods. However, they do not act as fast as fast-twitch muscles. So you can say that if an individual inherently acquires fast-twitch fibers, then he is more inclined to hit harder than the person having slow-twitch veins. 

Speed of Hand 

Have you heard the name of the boxer Manny Pacquiao? His game in this sport entirely depends upon his hand speed of throwing punches. So one can conclude that the more your hand speed is, the more you will be capable of acting upon the movement of an opponent. 

Muscles of the Back 

Specific punches reap all their vitality from the muscles of your back. To improve these muscles, you can do pull-ups, weight training, and push-ups. However, in case you have an inherently broad and powerful back, you will get an advantage of that while knocking punches. 

Muscles of Leg

Appropriate punching technique starts from a right punch accompanied by the rotation of legs and feet. Further, this rotation of the body must produce as sufficient force as workable. Mike Tyson is famous for practicing this kind of punches. In addition to that, your game will become dominant only when you can translate punching power through your leg muscles. So, practice doing this as much as possible. 

Despite the presence of these vital genetic factors that add to the knocking power of a person, it is necessary to note that one cannot surpass a punch of a person who is well-trained in martial arts.

How Speed and Footwork Help Someone In Boxing?

The force that the boxer is putting behind a punch is very harsh. You cannot foretell how hard a fighter can kick that makes him successful in the boxing ring. However, you can raise the bar in front of your competitor by strengthening the speed and footwork.


The most valuable skill to shake down the confidence of an opponent is the speed of reaction. A boxer must be capable enough to see and react to the moves of a competitor. The boxers who fail to take advantage of their punching speed will discover themselves losing extra punches. Moreover, you will get more blows. 


The next step is to strengthen your footwork. The more proper your footwork is, the better you punch. Train your feet as much as possible. Plus, you need not worry about getting kicked on your legs in boxing such as MMA or kickboxing. So, you can make a strong posture that allows you to produce enormous strength. 


When players from other warfare games train themselves in kicking or in-ground games, the mere priority of the fighters is to practice their hands. For this, you can do shadow boxing, punch the bag about every day, toss or hurl the medicine ball, use jumping rope, and many more.

All these techniques will make your punching skill the fairest of all fighting games. Plus, the more severe your work is, the more you can produce power. 

Take a deep look to gain insight into how someone can increase punching power. 

Exercises To Enhance Punching Power

There is a need to formulate a difference between enhancing punching stamina and punching efficiency. With training and acquiring the martial art of boxing, a person will become more effective in incapacitating an opposition. 

Following are the exercises that will enhance your capacity to produce a punch powerful than ever. 

Push-up like Plyometric 

These push-ups are different from conventional push-ups as they execute energy from the pectoral, arm, and shoulder muscles. These fibers also have an impact on the punching power of an individual. 

Start with the basics. Then, lay your body down like in the conventional process. 

However, do push fast and high when you raise your hands off the floor. Then hold yourself, dip, and repeat. 

To get the best results, make sure you hold your gluteal muscles stiff and tight during the workout. You can also clap with your hands or press them with your chest when you take off the floor. 

Tossing the Medicine Ball 

The medicine ball can be used to enhance your arms’ strength. However, how do you use it? Well, lie down on the ground by taking support of your back. Then, toss a heavily loaded medicine ball faster than you can by propelling it forth and back from the ribs. When the ball tumbles, grab it with fists and reiterate the activity until you get too exhausted to begin again. 

You can also do another activity in which you stand straight in your basic boxing posture. Then, throw a medicine ball to a companion or against the wall or surface. When you hurl the ball, hold it in your palm and jab it ahead as harshly as workable as you do while delivering a punch. 

Training Using Heavy Bag 

You can use the large bag in MMA or boxing to improve your punching strength mightily. Make sure you wear gloves to safeguard your hands from getting injured. Begin by thumping the bag with any blend of uppercuts, hooks, and even punches. Do this for ten to fifteen seconds. Then, do light jabs and some footwork, then imitate the whole process. Do this exercise for three minutes, plus with about a minute rest after each set. 

Jumping Rope

To develop the shoulder muscles, you should use the jumping rope. It will also make your upper back strong, which is liable for producing fast punches. After a few months of this exercise, you will experience an increase in speed and a difference in your footwork. 

Shadow Boxing While Carrying Weights 

The technique of Shadowboxing has been known as a significant boxing component for various reasons. One of the main reasons why a boxer should do shadow boxing is that it makes your body competent enough to manage the trauma of a fight. 

To enhance the benefits of this exercise, you can start with light loads varying from 2 to 5 lbs relying on your existing fitness phase. However, ensure that you begin from more moderate weights and then reach higher. As you boost the muscles encompassed in throwing a punch while pursuing adequate methods and activity, you will see a rise in pace as you reiterate this workout when you lower the weights.

To become the most efficient puncher, make sure you will integrate strength, technique, and speed. Also, to develop your boxing skills, make sure you motivate your physique to perform practice and grow as the most qualified edition of yourself. 

However, this does not mean whenever you fight, you will take advantage of your skills or misuse them. Misusing them can lead your opponent to severe consequences. So, using them wisely is your responsibility. 

What Damage Can Punch in Boxing Cause? 

Several minor, as well as severe difficulties, can originate from taking high-impact gusts to the face. Readout to find out what these are: 

Internal Bleeding in the Brain 

One solid punch on the head can cause brain hemorrhage that can emerge into brain aneurysms, strokes, and other neurological problems that lead to death. More insufficient bleeding may be unnoticeable enough to earn medical interest but can lead to devastating outcomes over an extended period.

Temporary or Permanent Blindness 

Powerful punches on the face can cause detached retinas that further can cause both permanent or temporary blindness. Moreover, having a detached retina can act as a career terminating injury, as it destroys the depth reasoning of the boxer. 

Wounded Ribs and Cracked Noses 

In boxing, a boxer gets injured either while getting training or during a competition. So, having smashed noses and wounded ribs is supposed to be an everyday part of the sport. 

Parkinson Disease 

This disease is also related to boxing because of the trauma it can cause to the brain. It is also possible that boxers can develop tremors, lose their skill to speak or write, and get severe neurological problems. That is why fighters are very much careful about whether they should spar hard or not. 

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How Can Opponents Protect Themselves From Getting Injuries?

Boxing authorities are nowadays compelling boxers to wear protective gear to prevent serious injuries. The arrangements of equipment comprise the following: 

Boxing Headgear 

You can wear it with or without cheek guards. It saves you from getting cuts. However, it will not prevent brain damage. Moreover, boxers would get more collisions while wearing the headgear as their vision reduced and punched more. 

Boxing Gloves

Boxers wear gloves to prevent the bones from getting broken. You can also use boxing gloves to cover the face in case of a sudden attack by the opponent.

Mouth guard

Boxers place it between teeth and tongue to prohibit themselves from biting down tongue accidentally during a feud after getting a punch in the face. However, no protective gear can prevent a boxer from receiving blows in the front at high force but wearing them merely reduces the size of loss it can cause. 

Summing It Up

Striking a punch may appear like the most uncomplicated activity in the world, but it involves many coatings of chasm and complicatedness that rank with awareness. There is a lot of difference between an individual tossing a punch having zero knowledge of the martial arts and an individual who spent years in training and gained expertise in the game.

However, the levels between those two apexes and a basic understanding of how to enhance your stamina, self-awareness, and speed will go a big way to transmitting a punch that is above an average. 

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