Top 3 Best BJJ Belts of 2021: Detailed Review + Buying Guide

I began training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu after getting into a fight which led me to seek advice from my brother. For those new here, he is huge into martial arts – specifically Judo and BJJ.

My brother has been an important force in my BJJ development and now a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s awesome being able to roll with your older brother (I am yet to tap the guy). I feel like he is the embodiment of a samurai.

He has great technique, but he is very tough on the mats. Recently, he gave me some wisdom on the belts and why it’s important to get the best BJJ belts possible, which made me realize I should write this definitive guide.

Why BJJ Belts Are Important?

Best BJJ Belts Reviews
An overview of the best BJJ belts available

The other day me and my brother were talking about the concept of BJJ belts and why they are important. According to him –

“BJJ Belts can tell you so much about a fighter. Do you know how long it takes to get a belt? They work hard for months and years to progress and get the next belt.

And you’re going to be wearing that belt for a long time. It’s a symbolic prized possession, So, when you see a BJJ belt, it’s only natural you strive to get the best BJJ belt you can.”

This might sound materialistic in a sense, but it’s not. We are not talking about getting the most expensive belt, but a good quality belt. Think about it, we spend too much on things that we don’t value or bring deep meaning to our life such as eating out or rudimentary dumb things.

However, when it comes to buying a BJJ belt, $10-25-dollars looks stingy to some of us. If we respect our BJJ journey we should invest in a decent belt!

Nevertheless, the final decision is yours. And since you’re already on this page, I assume you’re in the market to buy one of the best BJJ belts.

Top 3 Best BJJ Belts And My Journey from White to Purple BJJ Belt

Let’s get started.

#1. Fuji BJJ Belt (Best Overall)

Fuji BJJ Belt Review

I didn’t understand why a belt’s quality was so important until I had to wear one every day.

Luckily, I started my journey with a Fuji belt that came with my uniform which was a solid white belt. I quickly realized It held well in place and the biggest thing I notice is that I didn’t have to worry about it falling off for hours.

When I began sparring, I watched many of my training partners struggle because of their BJJ belts getting untied frequently. Lucky me, there was something solid about the friction of my Fuji belt.

Many of the guys had high-end overpriced and so called premium BJJ belts. While my pocket-friendly Fuji belt was awesome, indestructible, and still allowed me to move freely.

Can you imagine how frustrating it is to keep tying your belt every few minutes during rolls for both yourself and your partner? It may also look like you’re too scared to roll and need to take a break.

After 1.5 years, I finally moved on to blue belt and it was then when I realised how important a good quality belt is. In my opinion, all BJJ belts should be non-fading.

While sparring with some fighters wearing brown/purple belts, I get confused because their belts would be extremely faded that I just couldn’t tell whether it is a brown or purple belt.

Nonetheless, I remained loyal to Fuji and mine stayed beautifully blue even after heavy and rigorous training. My brother too was so pleased with his Fuji Belt, claiming it was the king of the best BJJ belts.

He gave away some as gifts to the other friends in our club who were training with us. His black belt looked just as new as when he bought it several months ago. Especially for black belts, it’s always great to find a belt that does not age overnight.

Black is a colour that when faded makes your BJJ belt look years old. Although it may look cool and tough to some, you should have at least an extra nice belt for competitions and seminars.

When I progressed to purple BJJ belt, I was bigger as I bulked up through weight training & eating (more on that in a different article). I decided since I got bigger I would change things up and get a different belt.

I struggled with my new, different belt and it’s true that you only know the value of something when you lose it. Was my new belt fitted well? Yes, it did. But it came lose all the time and when I would tie it tight, it felt like I was wearing cardboard because it didn’t break-in even after multiple uses.

So, I went back online and bought the Fuji belt again, this time in Purple and with a different size. I don’t know why I still contemplated doing a drastic change even after owning 2 belts from Fuji. But you know how it is! I decided to stick to Fuji as my main training belt.

Fuji BJJ belts are ranked as one of the best BJJ belts in 2021 by many reviewers and I can personally vouch for it.

#2. Sanabul BJJ Pro Belts (Runner Up)

Sanabul Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Pro Belts

I will say that I have bought another belt that I equally love and use more than my Fuji, especially when going to seminars or traveling. And that’s the Sanabul BJJ Pro Belts.

It’s thick and looks beautiful with amazing stand out embroidery, I love its heavy feeling, I highly recommend getting a good belt like this. I would say I like both Bjj belts equally, but for long training sessions I prefer the Fuji belt as it weighs me down a little a bit less.

I feel both the Sanabul and Fuji belt are high quality belts not just factory produced cardboard belts. The most important factor, I guess, would be the shrinking factor. I know you are not supposed to wash your belt (tradition), but I will dip it in water and let hang in the sun to kill bacteria.

I do this once a month, you also don’t want to be sponge for staph infection either!  Many belts shrink with dipping them in water, but the Fuji belt and Sanabul belt seems like they stay almost the same.

Obviously, I’ve owned many belts by now, but the Fuji belt & Sanabul belt is really what I see myself in, every time I’m on the mat. Honestly, they are awesome and I’m happy to help those who are still rummaging online for the best BJJ belt.

Pick either of these two belts, you really can’t go wrong. Currently, I’m still training with my purple belt. But I know that the Fuji BJJ belt is something I would still be using in the future as a brown belt. It’s durable, non-fading, breaks-in well and holds secure. I just can’t complain.

#3. Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Gi Belt (Best Affordable BJJ Belt)

Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Gi Belt

I’d also like to recommend Hypnotik BJJ belts. One of my best friends bought one and they are very solid belts from what I have seen. The pricing is spot on and they are currently selling for under $5, so you have nothing to lose.

Also, I am a big fan of the company. I will write an article on Hypnotic Gis and rash guards soon.

I feel I am going on verbatim, but these belts are the best BJJ belts I have personally tried as well as heard from many guys in my gym, sherdog, and r/bjj subreddit.

Final Words

Do you think choosing a quality BJJ belt is important or any random one does the job? Let us discuss your view point.

Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, do share it with your friends and partners.

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