Top 5 Best Wrestling Countries in The World (2022)

2022 updates: We have reviewed our selection for country standings to check for any applicable updates.

Television channels invest in wrestling matches and sponsorships at times. The origin of wrestling dates back to the awakening of history. Records of ancient wrestling remained in the form of cave paintings.

Ancient scripts like IIlyod, Babylon, Mahabharat, and Ramayan mention that wrestling is one of the most recognized sports worldwide. 

The fame and popularity of wrestling were unprecedented in ancient Greek Literature and legendary characters.

Numbers are an exciting factor for sports fans. It is the same for wrestling fans as well. 

United World Wrestling compiled a list of dominating nations and professional wrestlers from 2010 to 2019.

Looking back, you will find that Russia dominated both Roma-Greece and freestyle competitions. Women wrestlers from Japan claimed the top position in the World Wrestling Championship. Let’s take a look at the List. 

Medals Won in the Wrestling Championship From 2010 to 2019

Between 2010 to 2019, Russia bagged 25 pates in the freestyle Wrestling Championship. It is more than double the medal owned by its nearest competitor, the USA.

According to the rank list, Georgia comes third with gold medals. Azerbaijan and Israel won 5 gold medals each. Russia won 8 silver and nine bronze medals, which summed up to 52. 

Iran won 29 medals, including six gold, nine silver, and fourteen bronze medals. 

Medals Won in the Olympic Wrestling Matches

In every alternate four years, professional wrestlers display their skills in the Greco-roman and freestyle wrestling rounds. Athletes from different countries showcase their wrestling styles in gymnasiums, arenas, and grass fields. 

Several countries participate in wrestling matches, and they have fans across the globe. Do you know the names of the top 5 wrestling countries in the world?

Russia is the country that tops in the term of medals won in the wrestling tournaments. It keeps on piling honors from International championships and Olympic Games. Combining the Olympic-style matches, Russia has the maximum number of badges.

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1. Russia

There are several metrics to position a country as the best wrestling Nation. It includes both personal opinions and statistics. However, if you look at the wrestling history and the array of Russian wrestlers, it isn’t difficult to say why it is the best wrestling continent. 

Russia is the best wrestling country with four number 1 wrestling champions. No other country has multi-ranked wrestlers in the world.

The top-ranking wrestlers in Russia include UGUEV, BEKBULATOV, GADZHIMAGOMEDOV, and BATCAVE. 

2. Soviet Union

Russia dominated the freestyle and Greco-roman wrestling leagues and won 62 gold medals from 1952 to 1980. The Soviet still holds the record for having the maximum gold medals. In total, it has a total of 62 medals, 12 more than the USA. It’s impressive that it holds the third position ahead of Japan, Turkey, and Sweden. As of now, these countries have won 28 medals each.

Soviet Russia Dominance in the Greco-roman tournament was instantaneous. It had a streak in the freestyle wrestling tournaments. It kicked off the league with two gold medals in 1952.

Russia was not able to win a team title until 1959. In 1969, Russia emerged as an unstoppable force. Between 1968 and 1990, Soviet Russia won all freestyle team titles.

In that way, they won 4 gold medals each in 21 tournaments. They ended up winning a total of 117 medals.

The number of Badges won by Russians is staggering. With time it is on the surge. It is not surprising that wrestlers that excelled in Olympic rings are mostly from Soviet Russia. Of the eight wrestlers that won Olympic gold medals include one Russian, one Soviet and one Uzbek wrestler that fought for the Soviets.

A minimum of 7 Soviet wrestlers won Olympic medals, and three made records in the Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments.

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3. United States of America

Jordan Burrough of the United States raised his hands high by winning the Gold medal match in the Paris World Championship. Burrough was one of the 20 USA wrestlers that won medals in 2017. 

There are several ways to measure success and performance in the Global tournament. From the perspective of team honors, the USA outperforms in that year. In 2017, the country bagged two world champion titles.

The freestyle team won the World Team Trophy in Finland. It’s not surprising that 20 USA wrestlers stood on the Championship Podium in 2017. It displayed a marvelous feat of excellence across different age groups and fighting principles.

The senior women’s team won a couple of silver medals at the Championship tournament for the USA. Another way to define success is the number of medals that the country bagged in a year.

After making a disappointing performance in the 2016 Olympics, Jordan Burroughs won the Global Championship in 2017. It’s his fourth gold commemoration. This wrestler won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics.

His path to the podium was difficult, but his skills and determination helped him earn the position. 

From the viewpoint of World Records, Combined 5 badges of Burroughs comes after John Smith. Smith won six, and Bruce won 5 commemorations altogether. In the 2016 Olympic semifinals, he avenged a loss against the Uzbekistan wrestler. In the 2017 championships, he outperformed the Russian wrestler and made his way to the podium.

4. Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan Epic mentions that the people used wrestling as a traditional martial art to fight against their enemies. Since the country gained independence in 1991, wrestling remained the military training practice of Uzbekistan. 

Uzbekistan wrestlers Navruzov and Ibragimov of Uzbekistan won Championship titles. They claimed badges on the same night the country had four finalists in the men’s wrestling championships. Ibragimov expanded his energy as he battled against the Iranian wrestler in the 2018 championship. He remained on the mat for a long time until he was declared the champion.

Navruzov won against the South Korean wrestler Lee Seungbong. Ibragimov had a 4-0 lead in the match. 

Due to a pandemic outbreak, the summer Olympics of 2020 got postponed to Summer 2021. Uzbekistan made its seventh appearance in the Olympic wrestling games. Born in Tashkent, Tasmuradov competes in the Greco-Roman styles. He won a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics. He also won four gold medals and one silver medal in the Asian Championships. 

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5. Iran

Known as the land of wrestlers, Iran has Koshti as the national sport. Koshti is one of the most primitive sports participated by the people in Central Asia. Archaeologist Herodotus mentions that Kurash was one of the most typical activities of the ancient Central Asians. 

Nicknamed as the greatest, Hassan YAZDAN is one of the top Iranian Wrestling stars. He earned a silver medal in the 2016 Championship. In the following year, he won a gold medal in the Olympics in the 74 kg category.

He kept winning world titles in 2017 and 2019 and claimed a bronze medal in the 2018 world championship. KHADEM was another Iranian wrestler who won a bronze medal in the Barcelona Olympic Games. 

He made records by winning world titles in 1994 and 1995. He also bagged the Olympic title in 1996. He outlasted the American wrestler CHADARZEV in the Olympics.

Iranian wrestler MOVAHED made a streak by winning back-to-back world titles from 1965 till 1970. He also won the Asian title while serving as the flag bearer for Iran in the Championship.


There are countries with more medals than Russia. However, its strength across the wrestling domain wins the title. Combining the victories conquered by the Soviet Union and Russia, you will find that they dominated the World Wrestling ring for a decade.

While Russia Claimed Medals in 30 years, contenders took more than a century to pile up commemorations.

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