Top 10 Bloodiest UFC Fights of All Time

Over time, sports of any nature have brought immense pleasure and entertainment to men of all ages and color, from the most basic form at which sports was performed to the more refined and advanced mode we have now, one thing was clear, the goal was for fun and entertainment, sometimes, these sports can turn very deadly and violent to the point of becoming life-threatening. 

The Ultimate Fighting Champions popularly called the UFC is one sport that has sometimes turned bloody and nightmarish. During these fights, the viewers were left in awe and suspense. 

Below is a quick presentation of the ten bloodiest fights in the history of the UFC.

1. UFC 49- Viktor Belfort vs. Randy Couture

This match that was concluded in 2004 on the 21st of August went down in history as one of the bloodiest fights that ever took place. The match was between the intimidating Randy Couture and his opponent Viktor Belfort. 

From the start to the end of the match, it was obvious that it would be a keenly contested match. After losing the light-heavyweight contest to Viktor Belfort in 2004.Randy was ready to reclaim lost glory. 

It was an impressive match with Randy having a total of 131/143 strikes and 50/71 significant strikes. 

Randy Couture dominated the match which is little surprising considering his pedigree as a six-time UFC Champion.

Through the course of the match, there were no Knockdowns; rather we had an impressive show from Randy’s heavy punches that left Viktor bleeding profusely. As the beating and bleeding continued, Belfort was declared unfit by the doctor to continue the match.

2. UFC 170 – Diego Sanchez vs. BJ Penn

For Diego Sanchez, he was on a winning streak and adding another victory to his feather would definitely be a most welcomed achievement, but this was not to be, as BJ Penn for his own part, was set for victory. This man has had a very impressive history throughout his fighting career. 

The arena was filled with spectators who had come to watch the brawl. This fight was for the lightweight belt, both fighters were at their best, with each warrior bent on victory.

From the start of the match, that lasted a total of four rounds, BJ Penn was very aggressive with his punches and swift strikes against Diego Sanchez. With almost 70 super strikes, Diego Sanchez was bereft of ideas and continued to bear the assault by Penn. The ruthless Penn spared no second in cutting Sanchez face with punches that left him in a pool of his own blood.

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3. UFC 110 – Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Stephan Bonnar

This fight held in Australia, it witnessed heavy punches and lounges from both fighters. The much-anticipated fight came as a huge surprise to viewers as they were expecting Stephen Bonnar to come out victorious, however the tale was different.

A very keenly contested combat that witnessed no knock outs, Soszynski was very decisive with the first and second strike immediately the match began, this led to a cut across Bonnar’s face, and that was the beginning of Bonnar’s woes. 

An attempt by the corner to stop the bleeding was quite abortive. Although both fighters managed to carry on till the third round, the match was cut short because of the laceration and renewed bleeding of Bonnar’s face.

4. Martin Kampmaan vs. Diego Sanchez UFC 3

Once again, the man Diego Sanchez has made the list of the top bloodiest fights in the history of the UFC. Diego is never afraid to put on a show for the viewing pleasure of the audience.

He has a taste for victory and never backs out of a challenge. He is one of the men that have shown the most blood on the pitch, he also never fails to draw blood out of his opponent. 

At the start of the match, Sanchez seemed a bit relaxed and was in no hurry to get victorious, the same cannot be said of Martin Kampmaan, who was very swift in delivering his strikes, obviously ready to end the match, one of his strikes drew blood across Sanchez face, and this was the beginning of a very bloody show. This round ended in a knockout by Martins. I guess this was all Sanchez needed to wake him up from his slumber! 

The next rounds were quite interesting, with Sanchez increasing his momentum and drawing blood from Kampmaan too and defeating him in the end.

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5. Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller UFC 100

The UFC 100 was one memorable event in the history of the UFC; the organizers recorded massive sales so that even before the start of the tournament, the arena was filled to the brim.

This match would forever be remembered for the bloodbath that it was, from the start of the match, it was pure torture for Danzig, who suffered much strikes and hits from Miller.

Right from the first round, Danzig was already bleeding from the first cut on his face in the first round. Despite the bleeding and massive beatings Danzig received from Miller, he never tapped out, rather, he continued to remain on his feet. It was truly a sight to behold, yes, the outcome of the match was expected, one reason for sure was that Danzig was an undercard. Many expected him to lose and surrender even at the first round. However, he held and gave viewers a show.

Even though he lost the match by a unanimous vote award to Miller, he made a reputation for himself.

6. Estefan Payan vs. Jeremy Stephens UFC 160

This article will not be complete without this match making the list. From the start of Jeremy’s career, he had a reputation of delivering hard and swift strikes and the fans expected nothing short of this from him. Well, he surpassed their expectation.

The fight which many regard as one of the most disadvantaged matches of the UFC started out quite slowly and steadily gained momentum. All through the brawl, Jeremy Stephens had the upper hand, as he continued to pound and strike repeatedly at Estevan Payan, drawing so much blood out of the young lad! 

At so many intervals, many expected the match to come to a stop. However, for some reason, the referee left the match to linger.

The face of Payan was very bloody, the floor of the cage was stained with blood and the spectators were left in awe at how one man could endure so much beating and pain. The match ended in a victory for Stephen against Payan.

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7. Sean Sherk vs. Evan Dubham UFC 119

It was a spectacular match, this was expected, considering the pedigree of the bothe fighters. This is one match that the fighters were well selected. They fit each other and gave the viewers a good show. They matched each other’s speed, strikes, and scars. 

They dealt the same level of destruction and drew as much blood from each other. Sadly, Sherk had to get the victory against Evan Dubham because he had more floor control.

8. Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawler UFC 189

For some fighters, victory must be achieved at all cost; Robbie Lawler was one of these fighters. His aggressiveness on the field was unmatched! He turned every fight into a nasty brawl and did his best to inflict as much injury as he could before the bell cut the match short.

It is for this reason that many fighters dreaded being in the cage with Rory. However, one man gave it a shot, and this man is named Rory Macdonald’s. Rory came prepared, he knew his assignment and he was prepared to carry it out well.

This match was nothing short of a bloodbath. The both fighters took swipes at each other, causing great damage and havoc to each other’s bodies. Rory matched Robbie strength for strength and blood for blood. It was one of the bloodiest matches of the UFC, it is little wonder that they both looked like vampires at the end of the match.

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9. Stefan Struve vs. Dennis Stojnic UFC 99

If Stefan size is intimidating, his fighting style was definitely more worrisome. He used his big size to his advantage and fought very ferociously. He was a beast among men.

It was sheer horror to be pitched against him in a brawl. He will strike and strike until his opponent surrendered and he got the victory. This big man was a force to reckon with in the Heavyweight Division of the UFC. 

For the records, it was Stonjic that started the bloodbath, a couple of punches to the face of Struve was enough to spray blood all over the cage. Of course, Struve replied with some menacing punches and strikes in the second round was enough to tilt the game in Struve favor, 

Despite this onslaught, both fighters held on and fought bravely, until Struve was able to grapple the throat of Stonjic in a chokehold. His grip was so strong that Stonjic could not wriggle free. In the end, he won the match through the chokehold, but the cut on his gushed out blood and severely stained the octagon.

10. Gabriel Gonzaga vs Randy Couture UFC 74

The name Randy Couture sends shivers down the spine of contenders of the MMA during UFC fights.

The man have recorded many successes, albeit he has also had some loses throughout the history of his career. 

At a point, many thought that Randy’s career was over, but this match with Gonzaga was his big comeback. Even though Gonzaga was an upcoming star in the UFC, Randy Couture needed to secure a win against him at all cost.

The ferociousness at which Randy fought with Gonzaga is worth commending. Gonzaga, at his own end was very unrelenting and desired to make a name for himself in the UFC by defeating the legend. 

They both fought bravely, embracing every technique available to them such as the use of their elbows, kicks, strikes and punches with the view of dominating their counterpart. Needless to say that this was a very bloody match on both sides of the fighters.

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Final Thoughts

As a concluding note, the UFC fighters are very brave fighters and have never had an issue with getting bloody. 

Throughout the history of fighting sports, UFC fighters have always been very brave and intentional in their quest for victory against the opponent. While some attribute this doggedness to their experience and skill in fighting, some other groups are certain that it is because of their quest for fame and more money. 

Definitely the winner would go home with the larger pay, that alone was an incentive for the fighters to give it their best shot even when the show was getting bloody. 

This list is not conclusive anyway, as the UFC have had more bloody fights than you can ever imagine.

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