Boxing Shoes vs Wrestling Shoes – What’s The Difference?

It’s important to choose the right shoes for your training. Not all trainers are made equal, and different kinds of training require different types of shoes. For instance, wrestling requires a shoe that has greater stability and support to prevent ankle injuries. Boxing requires a lighter shoe that allows you to pivot quickly. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to wear running shoes when you’re training for cardio and cross-training. If you’re going to be doing any weightlifting or powerlifting, then you should wear weightlifting shoes or boxing shoes instead. While one can wear wrestling shoes while boxing, one should not wear boxing footwear for wrestling.

Choosing a Good Pair of Shoes for Boxing

A good pair of boxing shoes in the ring can make all the difference, but many people feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which shoe they need. You can find many styles on the internet and, like most shoes you purchase online, it can be difficult to size. Try them on and get a feel for how they fit. You can also go to sporting goods stores in your local area to check if they have what you need.

You may not realize that many sporting goods stores carry a very good alternative to wrestling shoes. Unfortunately, high schools in America do not allow boxing due to liability concerns. However, many offer wrestling programs so one can be sure that one will find what one needs in any of the local sporting goods stores. Wrestling shoes are more widely known and popular in most cities, so they can be found in many sporting goods stores and online shoe shops.

Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes should be made out of a material that is shock absorbent and soft. You should avoid stiff, hard shoes that can cause ankle injuries in your matches. There are a lot of wrestling shoes out there on the market. This is because the different schools of wrestling have a lot of different styles of the sport, which means that a wide range of shoes is used. Some styles include the Texas wrestler, which is a very firm, heavy sole; while others are very soft, more akin to a training shoe. The main thing to remember is that you should find shoes that fit well, and that are comfortable to wear. Choosing the right boxing shoes should provide good arch support and flexibility.

Wrestling is done indoors on a matted surface. A wrestler needs traction that is similar to a boxer. Although the material, weight, and traction of the shoes are similar, they are still very different. Boxers need to be able to move quickly to avoid punches and to get around their opponent’s guard. However, wrestlers must avoid being thrown in any direction to ensure their opponent doesn’t do the same. So the traction of the shoe matters as this affects the direction of the wrestler.

Boxing Shoes

Traditionally, the majority of boxing shoes have tread patterns that point only in the forward direction. This allows for maximum grip on any step backwards or forwards and minimizes friction on lateral movements that require sliding their feet. On the other hand, wrestling shoes have tread patterns which extend from the sole in a star shape. This allows the wearer to have full traction regardless of where their feet are being pressured from.

Many people believe that due to the fact that wrestling shoes are made specifically in an opposite style to boxing shoes, it means that they are less effective in boxing. Boxers prefer to have traction in every direction, and they buy shoes made for wrestling shoes for the extra stability when changing directions rapidly in the ring. Consider the following points when choosing a shoe for you:

What Type of Boxer Are You?

Could your footwork which involves side to side movement benefit from a reduction in traction? If so, you might prefer conventional boxing shoes. Wrestling shoes might be a better choice if you tend to lose your footing and use wider stances and make quick side-to-side direction adjustments.


Sizes are very similar for boxing and wrestling shoes. You can still get a pair of boxing shoes but you might prefer to try on wrestling shoes at a sporting goods shop to determine the size that you need. If you own a pair of running shoes made by Nike, I have found that most wrestling /boxing footwear is very similar to the Nike standard. This is true especially for boxing shoes made by Nike. You will know whether a pair you’ve tried on fits you. Online orders are more difficult to determine if they fit on it’s only after you have them on your feet.


Although both boxing and wrestling shoes have a range of pricing, neither one is much cheaper than the others. A decent pair of shoes will cost you between 50 and 100 dollars.

The Best Type of Shoes

It is often how quickly the shoes wear down that surprises many people and throws off their reliability in their reviews on the actual quality of any particular pair of wrestling or boxing shoes. Many people believe that shoes should last longer if they are more expensive.The logic has a problem however, is that it is not about how long the shoe lasts but rather on the performance of the shoe. The most important aspects are stability and traction in the ring. For the soles, the boxing and the wrestling shoe manufacturers use softer compounds. Shoes made for boxing and wrestling are not intended for long-term abuse. This means that even if the shoe is well made, it will soon wear out. It is a common reality when you buy these commodities. For the best shoe life, keep them inside only and do not run in them. 

There are two types of boxing and wrestling shoes: hi-top and lo-top. Unfortunately, what you should purchase depends entirely on your individual needs – if you frequently roll your ankle, it is advisable that you wear a higher cut . But for many people, a hi-top shoe is too constricting and a lo-top will suit them better.

Let me conclude by saying that both kinds of shoes are likely to perform well if used for training unless you’re very picky. Both types have been worn by me and I haven’t noticed any difference. Boxing shoes or wrestling shoes can make a huge difference in traction. However, it is important to remember that proper footwork is more important than arguing about the traction and its direction.

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