Boxing With Contact Lenses – Is It Possible?

Are you planning on getting started with boxing but are confused about whether it’s possible while wearing contact lenses? Well, honestly, there are going to be some bumps in the road, but it’s also not the end of the world.

It’s quite apparent that things can get really messy when lenses and boxing try to come together. 

Let’s get deeper and try to explore how exactly wearing contact lenses is going to affect your game.

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Myth: You Can’t Box With a Poor Vision

Okay, so before we scrabble about contact lenses and their substitutes in boxing, let me tell you that it is possible for a person who has a poor vision to learn boxing by wearing contact lenses or glasses.

In short: It’s a bad idea.

Now, what is the reason behind this?

In boxing, you need to see the punches coming. Furthermore, it demands that you react accordingly. However, if you can not see the knocks, how can you be able to give a proper response to them? Now, the most promising thing is that this does not mean a blind cannot learn martial arts, as these skills are essential for the safety of blind people as well. Having said that, it means that boxing is not a cup of tea for blind people.

Wearing Contact Lenses While Acquiring Boxing Skills

While training, it does not matter if you are wearing lenses because you are not putting your eyes into contact with something harmful. However, when you like to spar in contact lenses, you need to wear a head guard. 

Head guards are intended to keep your eyes safe from coming into contact with something harmful. In addition, they save your lenses from getting displaced. Displacement of lenses can move them, which in turn can cause irritation and conjunctival infection. Nobody wants to face this situation while having a tough time in a boxing ring.

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Why is it a bad idea to wear lenses while boxing?

Assuming that you are interested in competing, it’s a wrong idea to fight with contact lenses. They are prohibited in competition because you are not able to see anything if they get displaced. Would you ask the referee to adjust them for you or, would you save yourself from getting punched?

Because of this, boxers with non-perfect vision try to train without wearing contact lenses. Some fighters follow the ‘no contact lenses’ approach. They remove the lenses an hour before the fight so that their eyes will get used to being lens-free.

Substitutes To Contact Lenses in Boxing

There are three substitutes to contact lenses when you box:

– Train your eyes to work without lenses

It is the most comfortable method. However, the biggest problem is that when you don’t wear them, you can’t see properly. This doesn’t mean you can’t overcome this issue. There are a few strategies recommended by the trainers:

1. Do practice with a punching bag

Now, you cannot misjudge the aim because a punching bag does not fight back. Plus, you will find out what it means to be in a fight without a perfect vision. So, take time and plan your moves with this changed situation.

2. Work with a trusted sparring mate

Talk to your sparring mate and explain that you are training without wearing lenses and you want to go slow till you gain confidence. Try different techniques with him and learn from each other’s skills. Begin with mitt training and then move on to full sparring.

3. Shadowboxing

You may have heard about shadowboxing. If not, then it is a technique of strengthening the memory muscle without depending on your eyesight. The more you do, the more you will understand your body and how it feels. Plus, you will become more optimistic as you position your feet and gain faith.

– Sports Glasses 

You can’t wear ordinary glasses while boxing as they can get smashed, and you will get hurt. However, you can buy yourself specially designed glasses for sports use. The frame is made of polycarbonate material that gets bent rather than cracked.

Moreover, the lenses are of unbreakable glass, which will save your eyes from getting shattered.

One thing to consider is that they are pretty expensive compared to ordinary spectacles. Yet, those are the best you can get to avoid injuries. Therefore, they are worth buying.

– LASIK- Corrective Eye Surgery

Long gone are the days when someone has his vision damaged during a surgery. Nowadays, all thanks to Lasik, the vision of treated patients gets corrected approximately by 100%.

In Lasik, ophthalmologists use a laser to restructure your cornea. Of course, the recovery takes time but, it is pretty safe, and you do not have to worry about anything. 

There is only one disadvantage; this treatment can get very expensive. You can undergo the procedure overseas, like in the UK, Thailand, and the USA. If you can afford it, without any doubt, we can say that this the best option.

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Are there any known boxers who use contact lenses?

Many professional boxers do not publicize that they wear contacts while boxing, yet many have been seen wearing glasses outside the ring. Edwin Valero and Joe Fraser belong to this category. It remains undisclosed whether they wear lenses or not while fighting but, it is worth noting that it is not essential to have a good vision for becoming a boxer.

That means you all have the same chance to make your dream come true.

Wrapping it up

You can wear contact lenses while training, but you should not spar hard with them. You can also try out the strategies mentioned above if you don’t want to wear lenses. Above all, if you prefer to get rid of glasses for good, then opt for eye surgery.

We hope you have made up your mind about what you want to do. If you still have doubts, feel free to ask us by commenting down below. Also, feel free to share this helpful information with your friends and family.

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