Gi Size Chart & Fitness: Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Gi

Among the many frequently asked questions we receive, Gi sizing is probably the most common.

Although a Gi size chart contains all the needed measurements people are looking for, there are various sizes such as one’s weight and height that has to be considered and can become a little confusing when trying to find the perfect size.

There may be many options and charts available over the internet, but if you don’t get the right explanation as to how a Gi size chart works, you might end up purchasing the wrong BJJ Gi.

To help you out, we will carefully and clearly explain to you the factors you need to consider in determining the right size regardless of your physical built.

Understanding The BJJ Gi Size Chart

First, we’ll discuss how BJJ Gi sizes work a little differently compared to other martial arts Gis. The labels of GJJ Gis are:

  • A – for adult males
  • F – for adult females
  • M – for both male and female children aging 5-14 years old

The letters are then followed by a number usually between 1 and 4 or 0-4 for kids’ Gis.

Here is how it looks on a BJJ Gi size chart:

Gi Size Chart

Sanabul Gi Size Chart

Sanabul is one of the most popular brands in the space of BJJ. If you’re planning to buy a Gi from Sanabul, refer to below size chart –

Sanabul Gi Size Chart

Elite Sports Gi Size Chart

Another popular brand for boys and girls Gi is Elite Sports. If you’re interested in buying the best Gi for your little ninja, refer to below chart –

Elite Sports Gi Size Chart

Other martial arts such as Karate use numbers for their size like 5/180cm. As shown in the Gi size charts above, they are therefore different when it comes to their sizes.

You may have to expect some crossover with all of the Gi sizes as well in order for teenagers to fit a lower end “A” size like an A1 and a small adult female could fit a bigger size kids “M” size like an M4. The GI size chart will show you these sizes too, just in case you get confused.

The most common sizes you may have to deal with that are also included in a BJJ Gi size chart are the following because they’re typically what fits most people:

  • A1-A4: for men Gis
  • F1-F4:  for women Gis
  • M0-M4:  for kids Gis

There are manufacturers that offer extra sizes such as A0, A5, A6, “L” for men and M00, M000 for the children.

Now you’re wondering where the “L” size came from. These sizes are new to the market and you may have just recently seen it on a Gi size chart. The number of companies producing them is getting higher.

The reason being is because they want to cater to those who may be too tall for an A2 and too slim for an A3.

Companies use a weight dimension of an A2 which is up to 180 lbs and the height of an A3 which is up to 6ft 3 inches in order to produce an A2L size.

The Difference Between Jiu-Jitsu Gi Sizes and Traditional Martial Art Sizes

It can be very uncomfortable if you chose a height and size that fits like that of a traditional martial arts suit because their measurements are quite different from the BJJ Gi size chart.

You may be able to measure the size correctly, but getting a comfortable fit doesn’t happen all the time as it normally looks oversized and just plain awful.

Using the Gi size chart, you get to do a BJJ Gi sizing to determine what size best fits for that person with the consideration of their height and weight.

The Most Common GI Size Chart Confusion

If you take a look at the BJJ GI size chart we showed above, you may find that there are some weights and heights that crosses over between sizes; this is normal because we each have our own body built.

It’s the most common confusion because you’ll have a hard time determining which size to pick if your body measurements fall right between two different sizes.

Let’s say you’re 5 ft 5” but your weight is 110 lbs., then you’ll have to choose between an A1 and A2. Which size will you think best fit you?

Generally, it’s best for you to choose a size that will fit your body even if you have to deal with slightly shorter sleeves and trousers. You will find that as you roll it in, the looks and comfort is better than going the other way around.

Compromising and choosing height overweight will result in a very baggy, uncomfortable, oversized looking suit which may, later on, become a nightmare once you start training. The material and looseness of the suit will get in the way as you move your way around.

Yes, you have to follow the BJJ Gi size chart, but you also have to consider the comfort and appearance of your suit while doing so.

Other Important Factors to Consider To Find Perfect Gi

Now, let’s discuss the other important attributes you need to consider along with understanding Gi size chart guidelines.

1. Weave

You must not overlook the material or weave used on the GI. Take note that there are materials that will easily shrink after you wash them while others hardly do.

In most cases, pearl weaves are better than gold or single weaves because they shrink less.

The type of material matters because it will help your body adjust to your Gi size chart measurements.

You will have the choice to fall under A1 sizes as the material does not shrink right away while you may need to choose an A2 if you bought a gold weave as it shrinks to fit.

2. The Weight, Thickness, and Durability of The Gi

It all depends on the type of material or weave you choose.

If you’re currently shopping around for some weave while checking your copy of a Gi size chart to match your measurements.

Make sure it’s lighter as it is comfortable to wear during hot weather; it must be thick as it helps protect you once the opponent tries to grab you and it prevents him to have a tight grip.

Lastly check durability in order for your best BJJ Gi to last especially if you’re training every day.

Please note that the above points are only basic information on how a BJJ Gi sizing works, choosing the right Gi size, and tips on what material to use.

You may still have to figure out which size best fits for you.

We are all formed in different shapes and sizes, as soon as you understand that, you’ll have more patience to find the perfect fit for you with the help of a BJJ Gi size chart.

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