How Long Does It Take To Get A Black Belt In BJJ? Timeline Explained

Being a BJJ trainee or a master the most imperative part of your individuality depends upon how you face the challenges and hone your skills to get desired results in your field.

BJJ helps to develop learning skills in you. Howsoever good you may be in the execution of the techniques, but you will get the desired results only if you know how to link all those techniques together.

At times, you may feel discouraged that you are not able to execute the techniques properly and also you repeatedly face submission. But this is the test of your patience. 

Sometimes it is a little bit disappointing when a particular technique doesn’t yield fruitful results but never stop practicing that technique until you become perfect. The more you practice, the more you feel confident in using the techniques.

Actually, BJJ requires intense work on learning techniques. You should focus on minute details and work thoroughly to improve on your weaknesses.

Besides, it follows a specific set of procedures or rules while using the techniques. It also has step by step levels from a White Belt to reach the ultimate master level i.e. Black Belt.

But how long does it take to get a Black Belt in BJJ? How long we have to wait to reach the topmost level of BJJ?  The simplest answer is – only after completing the previous levels!

In the coming section, we will discuss the goals of each belt or level and how much time is normally taken to achieve these goals.

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BJJ Belt System: What Does Each BJJ Belt Mean?

BJJ Belt System

All the levels have their respective goals. After achieving these you can get a belt of that level and proceed to face challenges of the next level.

1. White Belt

White is the first level to achieve in BJJ. The goals at this level are:

  • Learn the name of each major position and try to get familiar with them. In other words, you should be able to identify the guard position at this level
  • Learn to control your ego. It is very important. You may be senior in age still you can be defeated by more experienced students who are younger than you. 
  • Concentrate on your moves and also observe the opponent’s style of resistance. Feel the depth of the game. 
  • Select one technique, practice it and try to master it.

Usually, it takes 1-2 years to get a White belt in BJJ. But if you are already from a grappling background then the duration may reduce.

2. Blue

Blue is the level of defense that is one of the most important features in BJJ. The main goals of this level are:

  • Learn two powerful escapes from Back Mount as well as Side Mount
  • Expertise at least two techniques of passing the guard
  • Start participating in the competitions. Compete in at least one competition at this level.

Normally, it takes 2-3 years to be perfect in these techniques. But sometimes it may take a longer duration of 4-5 years to pass this level.

3. Purple

Purple is the middle belt. At this level, you are getting closer to become a master. Some of the goals at this level are:

  • Familiarize with various guard positions
  • Adeptness in 3 combination attacks from the guard position
  • Command 3 BJJ submissions from Mount, Side Mount and Back or rear Mount

Normally you can achieve a purple belt in 4-5 years. But some players can make it in 3-4 years through more rigorous training sessions.

4. Brown

At Brown Belt level you may be almost equivalent to a black belt if you are getting trained under a highly professional team.

You are almost there and you hold at least one of the major positions like top-player, bottom-player, all-rounder, etc. Some of the goals of this level are:

  • Have perfect knowledge of momentum and movement
  • Able to keep the focus on counters to common attacks
  • You can take 1-2 teaching sessions in your academy 

At this level, you have almost completed the basic as well as advanced level training of BJJ.

Now you should focus on enriching those techniques. Usually, it takes 3.5-4 years to achieve perfection at this level.

5. Black

This is the most satisfying moment for any BJJ practitioner. To become a master and black belt holder is like a dream come true. 

But remember for a passionate BJJ player this is not the end and the journey of learning still continues. Once you reach this level:

  • You have mastered the art of BJJ
  • You have developed as a humble human being and
  • Still have the curiosity to learn the new techniques

It takes almost 8-10 years to become the master of BJJ techniques and be a Black Belt holder.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Black Belt in BJJ?

How Long Does It Take To Get a Black Belt in BJJ

As you know that black belt holder in BJJ is a real master grappler.

He is the person who has differently handled his body, mind than any other individual. 

A Master BJJ is very powerful and at the same time very efficiently handles adverse situations.

He/she is awfully calm, humble, and very helpful. 

Although he/she is very efficient in fighting techniques he/she fights only to defend and help others who are less capable.

Once you get Black Belt, you should now focus on refining your skills continuously. You should remember that you have passed one station on your journey.

But the journey of learning is still going on. You have to keep on working to refine and harness your ability to retain as the master.

Normally, you can achieve a master’s level in BJJ in almost 9-10 years. Although rigorous training sessions twice per day can reduce it to 5-6 years, it is pretty hard and rare to achieve it in this short duration.

Final Words

We have discussed various levels and goals to attain each level in BJJ. The black belt level is the topmost level among all. 

At this level, you are truly the master of BJJ. However, you have to work very hard day and night to attain this level. 

Focus on your skill and have patience. Patience is the main key to achieve success in BJJ.

Normally it takes almost 10 years to become a master in BJJ. However, if you do rigorous training at least twice a day you can definitely reduce the duration for achieving a black belt.

Concentration, determination, power, alertness, humbleness, and humanity are the prime key features of a BJJ master.

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