How Long Does It Take to Get a Black Belt in Judo?

One of the questions that Martial artists get frequently asked is: How long does it take to get a black belt in Judo? Most people prefer to hear it takes a couple of years of rigorous training to get a Judo black belt. Misconceptions result in unrealistic expectations. 

There is a Superhuman and mythology character associated with Black Belt. It inflates the ego of people that don’t get proper training from martial arts institutions. 

When it comes to Judo and martial arts, the time taken to acquire a black belt can vary. Some Institutions will promote kids to black belts within a few years. Sometimes it may take more than ten years to get a black belt.

Judo is one of the popular variants of martial arts in the world. So, it is not unusual to ask how long it takes to claim a black belt in the sport.

Getting a Black Belt Isn’t the End of the Journey, but It’s the Beginning

Experts claim that it takes around 4 to 6 years of consistent training to get a black belt in Judo. Black belt in Judo doesn’t depend upon time. It mainly depends on how fast you learn and your skillset. While some people get it within a few years, others take over ten years to get a black belt.

You need to understand that Black Belt is the first step of your journey. Black Belt Translate the phrase of your transformation. So the battle doesn’t end with bagging a black belt. For this reason, it’s better not to worry about getting a colored belt on your waist. 

After all, Black Belt is not the only reason behind choosing martial arts. Better you ask yourself what’s your inclination. 

Do you want to fight in MMA? Do you need to learn Self-defence? Is martial art a way to enjoy an extra physical activity? It determines the type of martial art that you should choose.

Nevertheless, the time taken to claim a Black Belt is no reason to prefer a martial art over the other. We understand that you are curious to know the time taken to get a Judo black belt. It is appreciable as well. Some people are too ambitious. They try out and reach the Black Belt sooner.

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History of the Judo Belt System

Did you know that the Martial art belt system was created by Kano Jigoro? Before Jigoro, martial arts didn’t use a belt to measure the standard of a Judo artist. Although the belt system changed a lot from that inducted by Jigoro, the principle remains the same. 

Moreover, the belt system isn’t the same in countries across the world. However, most follow the same system. A Martial artist has to go through a Kyu belt before he reaches the dan. 

Then you get promoted to the second Dan, third till you reach 10th. In between 9th and 10th, Judo wrestlers sometimes wear a red belt instead of black ones. 

The Chronology of the Martial Art Belt System Goes as follows:

  • White belt sixth kyu
  • Yellow fifth kyu
  • Orange fourth kyu
  • Green third kyu
  • Blue second kyu
  • Brown first kyu
  • Black first – fifth Dan 
  • Red and white sixth – eighth Dan
  • Red 9th -tenth Dan

It’s just an example. The judo belt system might vary from one country to the other. The only difference is that some people continue to wear black belts instead of red or white ones. 

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How to Get a Judo Black Belt Within a Limited Time?

The more you focus on getting a black belt, the more you lose interest in the game. However, we are humans, and it’s natural to have questions. Certain things help to get a Judo Black belt in a limited time.

Problems arise when people start comparing their progress with others. We are all in different phases of our life, so it wouldn’t be meaningful to draw comparisons. If you have a family or run a business, you don’t have the same time to practice as a 19-year old kid.

Prioritize your activities, and don’t compare yourself with others. Try to give your best without giving lame excuses. 

One thing that you can do to ensure that you shorten the distance between you and the black belt is by attending the classes consistently. Attend the classes two days or five days a week, depending on your regular schedule. 

Be consistent with your training session, and attend as many classes as you can. It’s equally important to stay focused and determined in the training sessions. A lack of enthusiasm causes Judo practitioners to skip classes or even months of training sometimes.

1. Speed Up Your Training Process

If you are the one that doesn’t make it to the training sessions often, there are things to try out. It might not be helpful to others. A couple of things might help you to learn things at a faster pace. 

2. Attend Private Classes

Not all people can afford private classes as it’s expensive. However, for some people attending private classes isn’t as problematic as attending training sessions. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and a family man that works 7 to 8 hours a day. Most martial art classes take place after Lunchtime or from 6 to 7 pm in the evening.

It becomes difficult for family men to attend training classes consistently. 

3. Take Part in Sports

Competition might help you to get a Judo black belt faster. When you participate in sports, you get an opportunity to test your skills. It exposes your weakness and informs how you are progressing.

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Most people take 4 to 6 years to get a Judo black belt. However, don’t focus on the timeline. Instead, focus on improving every day. Don’t give up and keep on training. Try to learn a little bit every day. YouTube videos or digital courses won’t replace practice on the mat, but it helps to improve slightly faster. 

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