How Long Is An Average Boxing Match?

For decades, boxing has been well known as the most famous fighting game in the world. Both MMA and UFC tournaments are giving boxing a very tough competition in terms of viewership. However, boxing is still trending in numbers when we compare it with other combat sports.

Boxing matches usually last for many rounds though, with broadcast time on television inclined to be smaller, many of us often question, how long does a regular boxing match take?

Well, boxing tournaments are usually outlined into twelve sessions of three minutes each, along with the intervals of one minute between the sessions. So, when you try to calculate the average length, you will need to add finishes, disqualifications, or injuries before the final decision. As a result, you will find that the average time is 5.9 minutes per round. 

Now, when you come to the total, you will find that the total duration of the match without in-between session intervals will be around 18 minutes, or the entire span with the in-between session intervals will be 23 minutes. So, that means half part of the match gets finished, before you get the final decision, especially for the categories of higher weight. 

However, those figures fluctuate throughout the boxing record.

Above are the essence of the article. However, if you want to have in-depth knowledge about everything, there is no need to go anywhere, as we have done a proper study to bring all the points to the top of the table. 

So, let’s jump into the process of finding answers to all the queries that you might have about the duration of amateur and professional boxing tournaments for both women and men.

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How Many Sessions Are In Boxing Matches?

Nowadays, most boxing competitions are a maximum of 12 sessions, particularly when we talk about professional fighting title combats. However, in many competitions, the final decision does not vest in the judge’s hand but somewhat ends via injury, knockout, disqualification, or technical knockout.

That is why the duration of every boxing match differs. Further, it depends upon the sessions set in the match. One average boxing tournament lasts almost below six sessions that include finished combats before the final decision. However, tournaments outline to have not less than 12 sessions. That means it could maximum include four to ten sessions.

That average duration could be higher in lightweight categories because of less knockout strength among combatants. On the other hand, the standard is high in heavyweight classes. That is because most fighters require only one secured energy punch to tap down their competitors.

So, now you have understood the duration of an average match well. Let us move further to know how many sessions a most general outline for several boxing events.

Professional Boxing Tournaments

The professional tournaments differ based on the total number of sessions they have. Moreover, duration also depends on the importance of the session and the pact made between the two combatants.

When we talk about boxing tournaments of men, title games are outlined to have twelve sessions of three-minute each plus rest intervals of one minute between the sessions. Yet, the twelve sessions are the utmost. Several tournaments tend to run for four to ten sessions.

On the other hand, women’s boxing tournaments have a limit of ten sessions. Every session lasts only 2 minutes each, with similar intervals of one minute between the sessions. Most fights have eight sessions, but with the progress of the boxers to a top-tier tournament, the session limit increases to an utmost of ten sessions.

Some famous women boxers recommend the regulating bodies to reduce the length of the sessions to 3 minutes, just the same as men’s sessions. However, the regulating bodies still have not decided on it. So, the sessions of 3 minutes will continue in women’s boxing tournaments for a long time.

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Amateur or Beginner Boxing Tournaments

Professional boxing is entirely different from amateur boxing in numerous ways, especially if we talk about the application of necessary headgear in a battle. However, one more important difference is the total number of sessions in the tournaments.

Most fighting matches of men have three sessions of 3 minutes each. However, sometimes, the fights can run for five sessions. This happens just at the last phases of matches, for example, the finals of the world championship. 

Also, they award the session scores like 1-0 to the champion of the session in place of the 10-point system we possess in professional tournaments of boxing. On the other hand, amateur fights of women continue for four sessions, but the sessions last only for 2 minutes, just as in professional boxing. 

If we compute the total length of the match, it will round up to twelve to fifteen minutes summing up a timely intro and decision. Sometimes, when the competition could last for five sessions, the total will round up to only twenty to twenty-five minutes.

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How Long Is a Boxing Round For Young Practitioners?

For young practitioners, there is a provision of shorter boxing sessions. For example, boxing sessions for youngsters between the ages of eight to ten are 1 minute long with three sessions and the same runs for juniors between the age group of eleven to twelve years old.

One more thing: whatever the age group is, sessions were or never will be more than five minutes as in Mixed Martial Arts. However, there is no limit on the total number of sessions that the combatants encountered in the initial boxing days. There is still no decision regarding it till now, so the fighters will fight continuously till a tap-out or a knockout.

What Is The Duration of a Twelve-Round Boxing Tournament?

Most championship matches run for a total of twelve sessions without any stoppage and get on to the judge’s decision.

However, when a fight runs for a distance, it is easy to compute the length of it. If every session is for three minutes, there will be eleven breaks of one minute between the sessions, and you will get a match with an aggregate of forty-seven minutes.

Also, when you add entrances before the fight and after fight judgments and interviews, all this turns up to nearly one hour of warfare, which is outstanding for T.V., as one session can handily suit into a 1-hour program slab.

Did You Know?

There was a boxing match that lasted for about seven hours and nineteen minutes. It was about the time when there was no judge or reason to end the fights. The fighters continued fighting till someone knocked out or gave up. 

The longest boxing match on record was a game between Jack Burke and Andy Bowen in 1893. The fight was in New Orleans, where both the opponents fought 110 rounds. The session started at nine in the morning and continued to combat till 4 am. After seven hours, both combatants were exhausted to proceed with, so the game ended in a draw.

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Did Boxing Last For 15 Rounds?

Yes, between 1920-1980, many boxing competitions consisted of fifteen rounds rather than twelve. The competition having fifteen sessions first came into notice in 1910, but in 1920 that fifteen-round threshold came into existence.

Later, sessions were decreased to 12 in 1980 due to several reasons, most notably due to a tragic fight in 1982.

What Is The Reason Behind The Reduction In Boxing Sessions To Twelve?

The event that changed everything in the history of boxing is a lightweight category championship competition between Ray Mancini and Duk K Kim. It finished tragically, with Kim dying during the fourteenth round of the competition.

After that event, WBA directed the deduction in duration to prevent the occurrence of fatal incidents. That was an excellent decision taken for the security of the boxers by the WBA. Also, everyone praised it.


We can say that watching a boxing match on television is a perfect source of entertainment while sitting in the comfort of the living room. However, this amusement could be raised when the duration of the match comes up to be more than expected.

We hope that this article helped you in resolving your doubts and that you are no longer confused about the duration of matches. 

We hope you have a great time watching boxing matches. Share this article with your friends if you find this informative. 

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