How Much Is a UFC Belt Worth?

One of the most notable pieces of work in the martial arts and UFC, in general, is the UFC Champion’s Belt. In the beginning, the UFC belt had been made using gold-plated metal, but now, the belt has been upgraded, and now even precious stones are added to the belt, making it one expensive belt! Do many fans wonder what the actual worth of the UFC belt is?

How expensive? According to the former champion Rashad Evans, a genuine UFC belt is worth somewhere around $300,000 a piece. Rashad Evans, the former light heavyweight champion who has a UFC belt, has said that he was talking to Dana White (President of UFC), and White admitted that the former UFC belts are worth around $300,000 each.

The value of the belt changes as a function of the number of titles the champion possesses, the precious metals added for each defense, and who the winner is.

Even though it is pretty challenging to determine precisely how much is the cost of the UFC belt of the champion. Luxury gold plated replica belts worth about $1000 approximately are sold to the public by the UFC, but real belts worth can be seen if the former champion is willing to sell them at special auctions.

The belts plates on the new UFC Legacy weighs about 5.5lbs and are made out of solid gold. It is 50 inches long, has 16 solid brass straps with the belt made out of leather, and each belt having around two pounds of precious metal or stones on them, and to protect it from damage each belt includes a zippered carrying case.

The UFC belt can be sold for various prices and it depends who is selling the belt, the buyer, where the belt is sold, and the story behind the belt can also jack the price way up. The price of the belt can go to higher prices than the $300k to $600k approximation.

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Can the UFC Fighters Get To Keep Their Belts?

All UFC champions will have the option to keep their well earned belt after winning the UFC title. However, since the inception of the new UFC Legacy belt, of which valuation of the belts could be a possible reason, the champions do not get a new belt for every title they win anymore. Instead, the belt they have won already gets upgraded, with the addition of precious stone and metals to one of the plates on the belt to symbolize the title defense.

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Who Makes the UFC Belt?

The standard UFC championship belt was designed and made by Dave Millican. The new design of the UFC Legacy was coordinated by the UFC, who manufacture the belts themselves. The latest designer of the UFC Legacy belt is Brad Flaherty, and Jae El Manufacturing is the company that is responsible for making the belts.

What makes the new design unique is it features a more individualistic look, meaning that each champion has a personalized, special belt with the fighter’s name, his native country’s flag, and the weight class he won. In addition, there are the precious stones highlighting one’s title defenses (rather than getting a brand new belt for every defense).

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How Much Does the UFC Belt Weigh?

As mentioned above, since the rollout of the UFC Legacy belt, the champions keep their belts, and the belt they have gets upgraded with a precious stone such as rubies or others for each title defense they win instead of receiving a new belt every time. Due to this, the belt is more valuable, and every belt weighs differently.

The Classic UFC belts each weighed only around 5.5lbs, and they were all the same. However, the Legacy belt has far more add-ons and is a lot more decorated, so eventually, they weigh more than the classic. Many Legacy belts weigh 10.45lbs, and that number changes ever so slightly with every title defense won and the addition of precious stones and metals.

In conclusion, the Classic UFC Champs Belts were all identical with the same length, same weight, same design, and every UFC belt differs, making a UFC Belt worth around $50k to more than $300k or $600k. 

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