How To Properly Wash and Dry Your New Gi?

Congratulations on pulling the trigger and buying a new gi. Now you look like a superstar and feel like a badass, right? Plus, that fresh cloth smell got you feeling all hyper and ready to take on the world on your own terms. Better cool it, though, or they might soon be carting you off to the psychiatrist hospital for trying to kick the moon out of the sky!

Now, gis are beautiful works of art in every way. However, they can, unfortunately, get dirty and/or smelly. Yeah, a lot of sweaty workout sessions on the mat can turn your new gi into a rag that back-alley restaurants use to lift hot stoves from a wood fire! 

When your gi loses its luster, the thing to do is to give it a proper wash. However, that is easier said than done. See, not everyone agrees on how gis can be washed. Plus, it’s possible to clean your gi in the wrong way and ruin it faster than you can say boo.

This article will detail just how a gi should be washed so that it serves the owner well. So, better tune in and prosper!

Is A Gi Wash Really Necessary?

Before we can dive into the subject of how to wash a gi for optimum effect, we first need to correct the notion held by some people that gis are not meant to be washed. Gis are items of clothing that are worn during some of the most strenuous exercises, and as such, they soak up a lot of sweat, dirt, and the like. 

If you have a gi that has become dirty and don’t feel like washing it, that is fine. Just don’t be expecting anyone to grapple with you unless they intend to commit olfactory suicide by smelling your stinky gi! Even if your often-worn gi doesn’t appear to stink at the moment, it is possible that the smell is not apparent to you because you are used to it.

There’s more; a dirty gi provides a rather accommodating breeding ground for nasty stuff, like the bacteria responsible for MRSA, ringworm, and staph. Thus, unless you are in love with dirt, sickness, or you just love making other people uncomfortable with your stench, please wash your gi when it gets dirty or smelly. Do that so that the world doesn’t have to hold its breath when you pass by!

How to wash your new gi?

If you're a proud owner of a wonderful BJJ Gi, you need to know that washing your gi is a must, that is if you want to have that gi for a long time. Gis can get really dirty after a few workout sessions so it's mandatory to often wash them. Here's how to do it easily!

Once you buy that spanking new gi you have been eyeing for like forever, the first thing that needs doing is to give your new gi a proper wash. Yeah, that’s important. Do note that just about all gis shrink on their first wash. So, when you’re buying your first gi, make sure to buy a slightly bigger one because of that. If you don’t know your size, feel free to check out our gi size chart.

Warm water is necessary when giving you’re washing your gi for the first time. This helps ensure that when it shrinks, it does so to the appropriate size. If the new size is not to your liking, you can shrink the gi some more by tumble drying it. However, be aware that the excess heat can ruin a new gi before you get a chance to pose in it at the gym. 

So, be sure to wash your new gi on low power and heat settings to minimize the risk of damage and excess shrinkage.

The Right Way To Be A Gi!

So there you are, a real G, rolling up to the homies and putting the fear of God into the heathens down the block. If only your mama could see you now! Yeah, you a G, and everyone better know that!

G or not, you still have to take good care of your gi the right way so that it lasts as long as a trip to Alpha Centauri via bicycle! Yeah, we have detailed how to wash your new gi the first time, but what about subsequent times? Let’s get right on it:

Cold Water Wash

  • The first wash of your gi must be performed with hot water, or heaven will fall. Subsequent washes, however, necessitate cold water usage. If you use hot water to wash your gi every time, your gi will shrink, and your training buddies will start wondering if you just got fatter all of a sudden…

Wash Immediately When Dirty

  • When your gi is dirty, the right thing to do is to give it a good wash. Not washing a dirty gi means that dirt, bacteria, odors, and stains get all the time they need to soak in and work their unholy magic on the fabric. So, kindly endeavor to get your gi sparkling clean immediately after you have been through a sweaty workout.

Hang To Dry

This picture represents how to properly dry your BJJ Gi in five simple steps.
  • So, now that you washed your gi for the first time, now it’s time to hang dry it. While tumble drying is more convenient, you should always hang dry your gi because it doesn’t damage your fabric as tumble drying does. Be sure to hang dry your gi away from the sun, though. No, the sun is not scared of your gi! The issue is that direct sunlight weakens the gi fabric and excessively dries it out. So, just make-believe that your gi is a kind of vampire that the sun wants to kill off or something like that!

Avoid Bleach Or Else

  • Just like repeated hot water, Bleach weakens your gi and does an excellent job of ensuring that it won’t last you as long as it should. When you get stains on your gi, the best thing to do is to start scrubbing the stained area under the cold water. If you come across some very stubborn stains, you can use baking soda or vinegar. So there’s really no need to use bleach unless you just won the lottery and have a need to burn some money by buying a trunkful of new gis!


Your gi is an important part of your existence. Therefore, endeavor to keep it clean the proper way, or the universe will unite against you! If you just follow our instructions you’ll be able to keep your gi perfect for a long time!

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