How To Start BJJ At 30?- All You Need To Know

The fighting game of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu relies on the belief that the weak could overthrow the powerful by using stamina and improved technique. In the modern world, BJJ is recognized to be the most prominent kind of martial arts.

As the game is trending in popularity, it is becoming a favorite of many people-young and old-aged. Many folks wonder, is it possible to commence practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after they have crossed thirty? 

The answer to this question is yes. Plenty of people begin practicing BJJ later in their lives. 

So, let us try to understand via this article what are the things that you need to know before you start training in BJJ after thirty. 

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How to Begin BJJ at 30?

While it is achievable, there are a few things that you may need to understand before starting with the procedure of training, which is as follows:

Commence Slowly

If you are bulky and not in shape, you need to be cautious with how rapidly you propel yourself.

Exceptional Experiences

If you go too harsh too fast, you are likely to get injured. Begin with doing basics as there is no embarrassment in taking stuff in your stride. You may get surprised at how shortly your stamina, strength, and strategy improve. 

Overlook Your Past Experiences

When you join the Jiu Jitsu gym, you are nobody. You will need to begin from the lowest just as everyone does and help yourself find a way up with hard work and training. 

Learning To Knock Out Early

It is okay to lose to experienced boxers. That is how you find your true abilities. If you constantly motivate yourself by saying that you can do it. You do not finish off by hurting yourself. 

Strategy is More Important Than Fitness

You cannot force your path through BJJ. At one end, it could be a powerful psychic obstacle. On the other end, it requires much more stamina if you want to bring back your shape. Through patience and commitment, you can grow into a skilled martial artist of BJJ. 

Calm Yourself

In your initial days of learning BJJ, you are expected to get twirled like a doll by people older or younger than you. Eventually, you will get adequate by time. 

Manage Your Objectives

Before you start, it is significant to interpret your objectives. What do you want out of this experience? Do you want to lose weight, or do you want to attain a specific ranking? 

You will be upset or frustrated if you expect a lot from yourself at the beginning. Just assure yourself to concentrate on the moral characteristics. 

Sacrifice Your Ego

Your egoistic nature is the most dangerous thing you have to deal with before going into a fight. Just prove your goodness by being modest, devoted, and hardworking.

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How To Avoid Injuries And Maintain Good Physical Health At 30?

There are few techniques that you can follow to prepare to strike the mat, which are as follows:


BJJ needs a large amount of flexibility. Moreover, it will often result in contorting your physique into odd postures.

When you become flexible, you will perform better, and your likelihood of straining or pulling something decreases drastically. Furthermore, a modest stretch will even help in preventing stiff joints and sore limbs. 

Intense Tissue Massages

Many old BJJ practitioners find that they encounter soreness and tightness after training, especially in the upper back, neck, and shoulders.

Getting yourself a professional intense tissue massage helps alleviate soreness, loosen up muscles and reduce stress. 

Foam Rolling

Another option you can go for is a foam roller. By using a foam roller, the tension in muscles is released. It can also expel lactic acid while maintaining blood flow. All this stuff will help muscles to relax and the body to recover faster. 


By doing yoga, you can enhance your grappling skills in many ways and preserve your health at a similar time.

Yoga can enable you to improve your balance, flexibility, endurance, and excellent muscle control. Several prime BJJ grapplers employ yoga to enrich themselves and come to be better at Jiu Jitsu. 

Sleep and Eat Well

That may look like a primary suggestion, but proper rest is essential for the body to give its best. You need to sleep for 7-8 hours daily.

By sleeping well, your strength, energy, and flexibility will increase. Furthermore, there will be fewer chances of being injured. 

Now by eating a healthy diet, your body recovers well and works admirably.

Vegetables, fruits, and protein are the major components that will enable your body to function well and help you operate smoothly.

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3 Main Reasons Behind Learning BJJ At 30

There are quite a few reasons that older players of Jiu-Jitsu have to struggle. When you become older, it is common to find that your body doesn’t have the stamina to do daily chores. 

Social lives frequently worsen during this age as habitation conditions alter and interests vary. BJJ can act as a remedy to these illnesses and others. Here are three reasons why you should learn BJJ even if you’re 300.

Getting in Shape

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gives a fabulous way to bring the shape back. Jiu-Jitsu uses the entire body to scorch away fat and build functional muscles.

Many learners who commenced BJJ after their thirty claim that weight drops by fifty pounds within initial training months.

Also, those learners who think they can not participate because they are too fat or out of shape say that BJJ is an unusual strategy to discern significant modifications in a short amount of time. 

Increase Confidence

When you get pleased with the technique and the exercise, you will feel more confident and comfortable. Plus, there will be less likely to bleed into different areas of life.

You will come to be more disciplined. With structured and disciplined training, you will gain the confidence to take any challenge and persevere.

Know to Protect Yourself

The main goal of BJJ is to prepare people for self-defense. In addition to the aspect of self-protection, this is known as a life conserving skill. That is often called decent martial art.

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Final Thoughts

As you have read, starting Jiu-Jitsu at 30 is possible. The sole limit that restricts you from doing anything is your age which is barely a number. 

You might be putting up more time in recovering, might possess an engrossed schedule, or might be hesitant to start over again. However, there is sufficient room for you to prepare well for Jiu Jitsu. Also, who knows, probably one day you will come to be a professional black belt.

We hope that our article helped in rolling back up again the process of learning. Share this article with buddies who might find it worthwhile. Also, do not forget to leave your opinions in the comments section given below.

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