How to Use the Mind in Tai Chi?

In this advanced world, the art of Tai Chi is known to everyone. Tai Chi offers a humble solution to all of your anxieties and depression and lets you dive into the depth of peace and calmness. In this article, we are going to study the connection between the mind and Tai Chi. We will also discuss how one can use their mind in Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is an antiquated and old-style Chinese method. This method was coordinated for self-preservation. It has now acquired a state of effortless exercise and stress reliever method. Tai Chi is an incomparable method that communicates tenderness with cloud-like hand developments. So if you are interested in how to use your mind in Tai Chi, you’ve arrived at the right place! In this article, we will talk about how you can use your mind in Tai Chi.

Controlling your mind in Tai Chi requires self-control and internal peace. Let’s understand it with an example. Firstly, direct all of your thoughts to a singular aspect. Now try to pen down something about it. As soon as you start writing, your focus gets distorted, and your thoughts start disappearing. So, your focus fades once you start verbalizing or writing your thoughts. Hopefully, now you may have understood what we are talking about here.

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How to Describe Mind in Tai Chi?

In conventional and classical Tai Chi, the mind is described by the following three words:

  1. Shen
  2. Xin
  3. Yi

These three words describe and explain different phases and methodologies of using the mind in Tai Chi. For now, we can skip Xin and Shen.

What Is Yi?

Yi is the big fish of this concept. The veterans of Tai Chi see Yi with great importance. It is said,

“All movements are motivated by Yi, not any external form.”

Now, a question should be arising in your mind that “What is Yi?”. Well, the bookish meaning of this word is “intention.” The Tai Chi classics explain that it’s your intention that leads you in Tai Chi. All the performances and movements in Tai Chi involve Yi (“intention”). However, you should also know that Yi is nothing about the physical appearance of a person. For example, if you see someone performing Tai Chi, you would never see any aggressive or angry impressions on their face. That’s what Yi is. It’s about creating your mind space and forcing your emotions, anger, and feelings to stay in that space. Yi helps you in eradicating your physical experience and directing your focus.

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Yi Helps in Synchronizing Your Body With Your Mind:

Yi helps in connecting your mind with your body. We can say that it helps in linking your body with your mind. You would think that your body is already linked with your mind, but that’s not true. Connecting your body with your mind is about being aware of what you are doing. Yi unites your body with your mind, due to which you’re simultaneously active and aware of what you are doing.

In Tai Chi, your body should be in harmony with your intentions. For example, if you are opening your hands, your mind should be aware of it. It should not be unintentional. That is where the concept of Yi arises. All of this direction thinking would be useless if you don’t use your mind to the fullest. It’s impossible to focus on something without thinking multiple thoughts. 

The biggest advantage of Yi is that it helps in linking your body with your mind. With this ninja technique, you can establish a proper relationship between your body and mind. Furthermore, it also helps in focusing and directing your thoughts to one place. You can sharpen your senses with this technique. After practicing this technique, you could direct yourself to productive thinking, working, and enhancing the usefulness of your mind.

How to Practice Yi?

Practicing Yi isn’t an easy-peasy thing at all. You need to remain calm throughout your training and practice. Firstly, you should start making Tai Chi moves by letting your mind know about it. This may seem like something easy, but we can tell you that it is not as easy as it seems. Eventually, you would start thinking about the environment or the people in your surroundings. Attempt this practice 5-8 times each day. One day you would feel calm and knowledgeable of actions in your mind.

Whenever you feel that your mind is diverted, focus back on your movements. This way, you can improvise your body movements and connect your body with your mind. All of your Tai Chi actions and activities should be synchronized with your mind.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you understand Tai Chi and how to effectively use your mind in this art form. Now you should be educated enough to define and explain the real (practical) meaning of Yi in Tai Chi. The only way to learn Yi in Tai Chi is practicing it periodically. Practicing it regularly would change you significantly. You would have better control over your body and mind. Moreover, you could focus your senses and thoughts in a very definite manner. 

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