What Does UFC Champion Israel Adesanya’s Tattoo, ‘Broken Native,’ Mean?

Israel Adesanya is a UFC Fighter and was born in Nigeria. He struggled there and then moved to New Zealand at the age of ten for higher education. In everyone’s life, a moment comes when they decide their career. The same moment also came to Adesanya’s mind after he continuously got bullied by the students in his high school. Their bullying led him to be a martial artist. 

At the age of twenty, Adesanya finally decided to stop his education and started practicing to pursue a career in kickboxing. Later, he said in an interview that he was actually inspired by the film Ong-Bak. However, the real motivation was to protect himself from being mistreated and make a name out of kickboxing. So that’s how his career in boxing begins.

In 2010, he won his first fight by making a winning streak of seven. Then, he gradually started to gain fame among martial artists. He returned to MMA fighters after a break of two years in 2015. Afterward, he joined the UFC company. Now he is a UFC champion and probably one of the best fighters in the company. Apart from his stylistic fighting game, Adesanya also likes to wander wearing stylish clothes and all that his wardrobe can reflect. 

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He is also known as a tattoo lover and style ender. Let’s take a look at his tattoos, and then we’ll talk about one in particular, which says “Broken Native.”

Israel Adesanya has seven tattoos over his body, and each tattoo has a story behind it. He even has a few cartoon tattoos, as he was a fan of anime during his teenage years. Although he got his first tattoo at the age of 22 because he is a big UFC fighter, his family members still live by their African culture. He also confessed in an interview that he had to cover his ears from his family members for nearly a week when he got his ear pierced. All the seven tattoos make an intriguing collection when you see them combined. Let’s talk about his first tattoo, which he got on his chest that says “Broken Native.”

Adesanya once encouraged people who were thinking of having a tattoo by saying that:

“My suggestion is don’t overthink, in case you’re getting a tattoo for the first time. Just go for it.”

He got his first tattoo on his chest that says “Broken Native.” He was twenty-two when he got that tattoo. It is written in capital letters, “BROKEN NATIVE.” This was actually the name of some dance group of which Adesanya was a part during his teenage years, as you can also see that he usually puts on a small performance during his entrance in the ring. He also does some steps whenever he wins. He does all this to remind himself of who he was and who he is now. He once explained the reason for getting that specific tattoo in an interview that:

“I just realized that will be my whole life story, over the years. I have always been like the bat among the dogs, the odd one out, the pebbles among the stones. I am broken, as a native,,”

As he was born in Nigeria and not a native citizen of New Zealand, he thinks of himself as a broken native. He once also said that:

“I was told by many people that I’ll never amount to anything great, and I’ve relished that role of people who doubted me.”

So he was mistreated during his high school years and then bullied by people saying that he won’t achieve anything. “You are a Nigerian.” However, in his words, he is saying that he has made himself clear among those people by becoming a UFC Champion that you can achieve anything regardless of your homeland. It also teaches us a lesson that we should not judge a book by its cover. 

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You can never know when and where your destiny will take you and make you successful. You need to work hard and keep struggling. One day, you’ll surely get the fruit of your hard work. So, Adesanya worked hard and achieved his goal by becoming a UFC Champion. He also knows how to impress his fans with his fighting skills. However, after achieving everything, even after becoming a champion in UFC, he still thinks of himself as an odd one, a Broken Native. 

So that’s everything that you should know about Israel Adesanya’s tattoo “Broken Native.”

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