How to Do the Judo Chop? (Easy Guide)

Are you curious to know more about Judo Chop? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Judo Chop and how to do it. 

Judo Chop is the most scandalous dimension of Judo. Various Judo masters even deny the existence of Judo Chop, which is why Judo Chop is mainly regarded as “Joke Judo.” 

If these sayings have confused you regarding the legitimacy of Judo Chop, please don’t be. Judo Chop is a real dimension of Judo. In this article, we will explore the origin, history, and present stage of Judo Chop. Also, if you want to learn how to do it, we will teach that here too!

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How to Do Judo Chop?

In Judo Chop, a person takes his hand in a chopping shape near someone’s neck area and shouts, “Judo Chop HAI.” To do this, you will have to follow the following steps:

Step 1 – Find a Person: You will probably need a person or a victim to apply this Judo. Therefore, your first step should be finding a victim.

Step 2 – Get into the Position: After you have yourself a prey, you have to sneak right behind them without letting them know.

Step 3 – Get Hand in Position: This is the time to prepare your weapon, which will be your hand. Keep your hand flat and sturdy.

Step 4 – Chop the Shoulder of Your Victim: If everything is in position, now is the time to chop your victim’s shoulder. Make sure your hand is near the victim’s neck.

Step 5: Once you hit your victim, shout “Judo Chop HAI!”. Your voice should be loud and grumbling.

Step 6: You’ve successfully done the Judo Chop. Make sure you haven’t struck your victim too violently. Apologize if they have felt hurt. Suppose you can’t run away without looking back.

That’s it. This is the Judo Chop. To some extent, it is reasonably legit to call it a “joke.” You will probably get yourself beaten if you show up for nowhere and whack someone in the neck with a loud voice. Firstly, you will jumpscare them, and then they will start beating you until you stop saying “Judo Chop HAI!”. If we dig into the history of Judo Chop, we don’t get anything authentic and intriguing. But it is said that Judo Chop was inspired by a martial art movement known as “Shomen Uchi.”

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Why Is It Called Judo Chop?

The name “Chop” explains it all. It is called Judo Chop because you pretend to chop someone’s neck with your hand. You symbolize your hand with a sharp knife and whack someone in the neck. We assume that someone tried to chop someone’s neck with his bare hands. As a result, he was drubbed in a very drastically deserved manner. So, he named it “Judo Chop.”

Was Judo Chop Genuinely Inspired by “Shomen Uchi”?

We don’t think that Judo Chop was genuinely inspired by “Shomen Uchi.” In “Shomen Uchi,” you get a Long Samurai sword and split your enemy in half. This sounds like legit Karate. As far as “Shomen Uchi” is concerned, it’s a legit and genuine striking technique in Judo. It involves mastery of the sword and decent timing of hitting. 

However, on the other hand, Judo Chop doesn’t require any mastery or effort. Just consider your hand a knife and strike your opponent with all your might. We wonder how a person can induce the concept of Judo Chop from a legit martial move, “Shomen Uchi,” when there is barely anything common in them. 

Thus, we don’t consider “Shomen Uchi” as the parent technique of Judo Chop. As discussed earlier, the concepts of Shomen Uchi were utterly based on self-defense and other striking techniques. On the other hand, Judo Chop is now termed as a fun activity. 

Why & How Did Judo Chop Become a Scandalous Judo?

The Urban Dictionary: The Urban Dictionary is the cause behind making Judo Chop a joke. It defines Judo Chop as a “joke judo” or corrupted form of Karate. Judo was originally designed as a sport by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882, but today’s Judo isn’t the Judo created by its creator. This is the modified and improvised version of the old Judo.

As you might know, real Judo is all about expressing your throwing, grappling, and holding skills. Modern Judo doesn’t involve hitting and damaging a person’s body. So, we can say Judo Chop is not Judo. Judo Chop can be played for entertainment and fun as it doesn’t require any mastery. But we cannot declare it as a part of Judo. Mastering a legit judo move takes years of practice and struggling, not scaring someone with a voice “Judo Chop HAI.” Even if some fool defines it as a type of punching, remember, there is no “punching” in Judo.

However, modern Judo includes some “Judo Striking.” So, we cannot disagree with the existence of Judo Chop as it is also a form of striking.

Is Judo Chop a Karate Chop?

There are some pieces of evidence to interchange Judo Chop with a Karate Chop. Some actions taken in both are alike. Striking someone with your knife hand is a widespread practice in Karate. That’s why we can assume that Judo Chop and Karate Chop are interchangeable. Various martial arts attain the same striking styles. For example, Aikido, Taekwondo, and KEMPO include some striking moves the same as Judo Chop.

Judo Chop from ATEMI-WAZA

As far as history is concerned – we can say that the advancements in “judo striking” and “ATEMI-WAZA” might include Judo Chop in their list of moves. At the time of origin, both Judo and ATEMI-WAZA were quite the same and misty. These both had some hitting and striking techniques in the early versions of them. So, yes, we can assume “Judo Chop” in the early stages of ATEMI-WAZA.

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Exciting Things About Judo Chop

Hitting With the Most Resilient Part:

When striking someone with your knife hand, you hit them with the sturdiest and most resilient part of your hand. This type of hitting lowers the chances of injury and self-damage. Unlike your soft palms and knuckles, this part of your hand is quite sturdy to hit with. So, if you strike someone with your knife hand, the chances of getting an injury are pretty negligible.

A Technique With Versatility:

Judo Chop is a very versatile technique to strike with. You don’t need to master it before doing it. Also, you don’t need to practice it every day. You can hit someone with a judo chop from any angle and convenience. This makes Judo Chop a versatile technique of striking someone. However, remember that if you are a professional judo player, you can’t implement Judo Chop in a tournament. There is no hitting or striking in modern Judo. It is advised to beat your opponent from the back, but you can do it from anywhere. This way, you can defend and retaliate without proper training.

The Way of Striking:

The technique of striking someone with a judo chop is quite simple and easy to understand. You hit someone with the fleshy part between your little finger and wrist, that’s it. Furthermore, you can do the “Reversed Judo Chop” by tucking your thumb in. This way, you can strike someone with the other side of your hand.


Judo Chop is unimaginably effective once done repeatedly. If you strike your opponent with repeating hits, you might damage or even break the neck area of your opponent. Moreover, hitting at the sensitive areas of the neck might choke your opponent and end the fight even before starting. Isn’t it exciting that you can master a judo technique without actually mastering it? This ninja technique can help you in defending and escaping yourself from horrible circumstances.

When Can You Use The Judo Chop?

As far as the fun is concerned, we can use the Judo Chop technique and whack our friends with this technique.

However, Judo Chop isn’t the play for tourneys. Judo Chop is only applicable in streets, schools, or anywhere which is not formal. So, it is not advised to practice or even plan to practice Judo Chop. Any kind of hitting or striking is prohibited in Judo tournaments. But still, we have the fun side of this technique. Just sneak right behind your friend and shout “JUDO CHOP HAI!’. 

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Final Thoughts

Judo Chop is nothing but a corrupted form of Karate Chop. If you are planning to jump into the judo world, it would be best if you get on your way to practical and original Judo. Nevertheless, it’s pretty amazing when it comes to the surprises and fun side of Judo Chop. You can jump scare your friends with it and consider yourself a samurai. Besides, you can also strike someone with your knife hand. As discussed earlier, this could damage your opponent and help you to take him down.  

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