How to Do Karate Chops? (The Ultimate Guide)

Karate Chops is one of the most sensational moves of Karate. Primarily, this technique of Karate was portrayed badly in movies in the early 1970s. Karate Chop was termed as the deadliest move of Karate. If you want to know more about ‘Karate Chops,’ you have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to explore everything about Karate Chops as well as how to do it.

Are Karate Chops Real?

The presence of Karate Chops in the library of Karate techniques became suspicious because of some movies. It is not that effective and deadly as it is shown in the movies. However, Karate Chops are legitimate and real.

What are Karate Chops?

Karate Chops are one of the marvelous techniques of Karate. Hitting your opponent with the base of your hands – the area between your pinky finger and the start of the wrist – is known as ‘Karate Chops.’ This technique is pretty effective and helpful if done correctly. In this article, we are going to describe how you can do Karate Chops.

A similar move has been in some other martial arts, Aikido, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu. The Chop was basic training in Judo for quite a long time. But advancements in Judo mangled the concept of Judo Chops. As a result, a funny and humorous concept of ‘Judo Chops’ arrived, making a joke of this martial art move. Well, we leave this topic for another day. Let’s get back to Karate Chops.

How to Do Karate Chops?

As the name indicates, it’s a chopping mechanism. You make your hand sturdy like a knife and whack your opponent with it. You can also tuck your thumb inside your hand and form a knife hand. Make sure you hit your opponent at fragile and sensitive body parts like the neck or shoulder. Once done perfectly, it can help you in escaping any compromised situation.

Why Do People Think Karate Chops Are Fake?

Many people in the world of martial arts think that Karate Chops are not real. There could be several reasons for it. The first one is the 1970s movies. Karate Chops were demonstrated as a super or genie effect in the movies. For example, the actor hit someone with their knife hand, and the victim instantly died. This act inspired people to think of Karate Chops as fake.

Karate Chops are not like the ones shown in the 1970s movies. The legit Karate Chops are very effective and genuine. You cannot kill a person instantly with Karate Chops, but it does hurt them.

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What Are the Advantages of Karate Chops?

Karate Chops have multiple advantages. The following are some major advantages of Karate Chops in real life:

  1. Negligible Risk of Self-Damage:

One of the best benefits of Karate Chops is their safety. The part between your pinky finger and wrist is quite strong and rigid. Therefore, the chances of self-damage are pretty negligible. In any compromised situation, your utmost concern would be your safety as well as damaging your opponent. A Karate chop gives you both.

  1. Easy to Learn:

Unlike other Karate techniques, the Karate chop technique is very understandable and easy to learn. You don’t need to practice it every day, you can learn it in minutes. It is all about the movement and shape of your hand. So, another benefit of Karate Chops is they are easy to learn.

  1. Easy to Perform:

Karate Chop is a very versatile technique to strike with. You don’t need to master it before doing it. You also don’t need to practice it every day. You can hit someone with a Karate chop from any angle and convenience. This makes Karate Chop a versatile technique of striking someone. Moreover, Karate Chop is a professional and effective technique. You can use it in tournaments and Karate competitions if you are a tourney. 

Can You Use Karate Chops Technique in a Real Fight?

As far as the effectiveness is concerned, you can use Karate Chops in a real fight. As mentioned earlier, Karate Chops are very easy to learn, and you can hit your opponent from any angle or position. This makes Karate Chops very effective. If you hit your opponent at a fragile place, it can give time to retaliate or escape from the situation.

Furthermore, the chances of getting hurt with the Karate technique are pretty minimal. This part of your hand is quite strong and can be used as a weapon. So the answer is yes, you can use Karate Chops in a real fight.

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How Effective Are Karate Chops?

Karate Chops are not as deadly as they were shown in the movies. However, hitting your opponent in the right position could cause some problems for the attacker. Here are spots that you can target:

  • Neck:

Hitting on the neck could be very hurtful for your opponent. The blood vessels and veins of the neck are pretty fragile. A strong hit can damage your opponent’s neck. It would give you enough time to call for help or escape from the situation.

  • Ribs (Abdominal Area):

Human ribs are very sensitive. Therefore, a strong hit can cause a lot of pain. Therefore, in times of emergency, you can target your opponent’s ribs. This way, you can have a lot of situational advantages.

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Karate Bricks & Karate Chops

You must have watched a martial artist breaking bricks with Karate Chops and wondered whether it is real or some cheap drama. The answer to this is that with perfect impact, you can break bricks with Karate Chops. The following things should be considered if you are planning to break bricks with Karate Chops:

  1. Firstly, you need to control and optimize the force. Then, you need to calculate the force required to break bricks. Furthermore, you need to set up a point of impact. In physics, the point of impact plays an important role. That is why you need to set an impact point. With a perfect force and point of impact, you can break bricks with Karate Chops.
  2. Secondly, you need to position your bricks perfectly. If your bricks are not positioned perfectly, it would be impossible for you to break bricks with Karate Chops. So, try to align your position with your bricks in a similar order. This way, you can have a perfect Karate chop hit.
  3. Lastly, you need to practice your hitting style. Various martial artists hit bricks with their shoulder power. This method is pretty wrong. To break bricks perfectly, you need to hit the bricks with the power of your wrist. For this, you need a balanced speed and power. Make your elbow a pivot and try to generate a torque force with your rotating elbow. This way, you can control the movement of your hand. With a locked elbow, you will hit the brick on point (center of gravity). This would make it easier for you to break the bricks with Karate Chops. 


As far as the credibility of Karate Chops is concerned, Karate Chops are real. Karate Chops is a legit technique in the library of Karate techniques. Moreover, you can use this Karate technique to deal with compromised situations. You can also use Karate Chops to break Karate bricks. There is no such thing as ‘Karate brick.’ They are just ordinary bricks.

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