Top 3 Best Kids Jiu-Jitsu Gi Available in 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

Adults, whether they’re into joining competitions or just doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a hobby, knows the importance of having the best BJJ Gi uniform to wear during a fight just like in any other type of martial arts.

But if you’re a parent, hand-picking the best kids jiu-jitsu Gi is even more important.

Best Kids Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Finding a kids BJJ Gi with a garment like that of what adults wear is a must. It should be ultra-lightweight, has high-quality embroideries, stylish, comfortable, and of course, affordable.

Furthermore, the kids gi is essential because it acts as an armor to the body which means it protects the skin from friction injuries and nasty bugs as well as maintain good hygiene.

Since, there are hundreds of kids jiu jitsu gi in the market today, finding the most comfortable with a lasting material and affordable brand can be painfully difficult.

Allow us to help you out and walk you through the three best kids jiu-jitsu Gi we found in the market today and the reasons why you should consider purchasing one of them for your kid.

Top 3 Best Kids Jiu-Jitsu Gi (2021 Updated)

Let’s get started.

1. Tatami Fightwear Meerkatsu Kids Animal BJJ Gi – White (Best Overall)

Tatami Fightwear Meerkatsu Kids Animal BJJ Gi

This Tatami Fightwear Meerkatsu Kids Animal BJJ Gi, is probably the cutest among the many kids bjj gi available out there today. The Gi is available in different colors but we chose to feature the Pink one for those who has adorable little girls.

It’s a kids jiu-jitsu Gi designed for the young ones offering a new size option of M0000 perfect for kids who are about four years of age. It also comes with a Gi belt in different sizes.

The fabric is made from 100% cotton and has been carefully stitched making it high quality, long-lasting, and durable. Due to the fabric that this kid BJJ Gi is made of, caring for it isn’t too complicated.

It only needs to have a warm wash, under 30 degree Celsius and must be hanged for it to dry. It’s best to avoid bleaching this type of kids jitsu gi as it may wash away the awesome colors it features as well as its Meerkatsu Animal design.

You can choose among the following colors and designs of this kids jiu jitsu gi:

  • White – Leo the Lion
  • Sky Blue – Pedro the Chimp
  • Navy – Cesar the Croc
  • Black – Spencer the Wolf
  • Pink – Harriet the Hippo
  • Purple – Beatrice the Butterfly
  • Gray – Saulo the Snake
  • Royal Blue – Oscar the Orangutan

It proudly flaunts a 4+ stars rating on Amazon and there are hardly any complaints related to its quality. Additionally, Tatami Fightwear Meerkatsu Kids Animal BJJ Gi makes for a great gift for young ones.

2. Tatami Estilo 5.0 Gi (Best Premium Kids Gi)

Tatami Kids Estilo 5.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi

This type of kids Jiu Jitsu Gi is slightly on the expensive side but with the high-quality and updated design it features, it will never disappoint your little one. Tatami incorporated a new logo to this cool bjj gi creating a crisp new design for their premium kimono.

The subtle placement of the Estilo logo at the back of the neck and the bottom of the right shin area of the pants adds a look of durability and toughness to this kids’ BJJ Gi as well. The embroideries adorned inside and the outside leg area of the pants are of high quality which makes every penny you spent worth it.

Let’s not forget the subtle neck yoke lining and the added unique woven taping to line the inside of the sleeve cuffs, ankle cuffs, and the bottom of the jackets.

No belt is included when purchasing this kids jiu-jitsu Gi but the unique Y shaped jacket vent that helps provide a better fit along the base of the jacket certainly makes up for it.

Another important point worth noting is that Tatami Gi for kids is IBJJF & NABJJF Approved. This means your kid can train and take part in international competitions without having the need to buy another one.

3. Tatami Kids Nova 2015 BJJ Gi (Best Value for Money)

TATAMI Kids Nova 2015 BJJ Gi

Say hello to one of the most affordable but high-quality made, best-selling product ever produced by Tatami – the Tatami Nova 2015 Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi. It gained a couple of positive feedback and high ratings in Amazon because of the many unique features that makes it perfect for your little athlete.

This kids BJJ gi also has a 425gsm single piece unique High Tech Weave Jacket with a rubberized collar that helps prevent the absorption of sweat and bacteria. Tatami even added shoulder patches to this kids jiu-jitsu gi for an even cooler design and has its triple stitched across all stress points.

It’s ultra-lightweight 10oz cotton pants will provide comfort to your little one and the double reinforced knee padding will add more protection against injuries and bacteria. Not only that, this kids bjj gi also comes with a free belt.

And instead of the traditional twill, Tatami utilized a rope drawstring to allow tighter fastening of the pants resulting to an added comfort during training.

If your son/daughter loves a Gi that is plain and simple, but can beat other brands in terms of style and value, then Tatami Kids Nova 2015 kids BJJ gi is the right one for him.

Youth Gi Size Chart

Size is an important part of the buying process and you should take a little extra care of it. To make things simpler, we’ve created this kid’s Jiu Jitsu size chart you can refer to.

SizeHeight (Ft)Weight (LBS)Age (Years)
M002'0" - 2'8"20 - 352 - 4
M02'4" - 3'4"25 - 503 - 5
M13'2" - 4'0"40 - 705 - 7
M24'0" - 4'6"60 - 857 - 9
M34'4" - 5'0"75-1009 - 12

Please note that, each child’s size and proportions, such as weight, height, build, arm length, leg length, and other measurements will influence the Gi size perfectly suited for him/her.

If you’re confused, always go for one size up to make sure there’s enough room for adjustment.

Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi Buying Guide (How To Choose The Best BJJ Gi for Kids)

Although the three Gis that we discussed above are some of the best kids jiu jitsu gi there is today, you still have to consider your child’s preference or his/her own personal choice when it comes to the design, color, weight, and all other related gi features.

He/she will be the one to choose whether he/she wants sandpaper instead of an extremely soft jacket or a simpler design instead of too much embroidery and patches.

To help make sure your child is choosing the right gi, do not just consider buying any random cheap BJJ gi for kids alone.

Aside from looking into its weight, thickness, and durability, you also have to check the manufacturer’s choice of weave and material used in producing the kids bjj gi that you want to buy.

Lastly, make sure you got the right size for your little one – a size that won’t restrict him from moving comfortably – not too short and not too long. You can check out the BJJ kids size chart or a youth gi size chart if you have a promising teenage athlete to get the right sizing.

At the end of the day, the quality and features of the kids gi are what matters most because it will contribute to the success of your little one in both training and during the competition.

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