Sanabul Gi Review: The Best BJJ Gi Under $60 To Buy in 2021

From the time I saw my training partner Jordan with his new Sanabul Gi, I was hooked.

I had never seen the Gi before or heard of the company that made it. It had a fresh black and red color which looked simply awesome, the contrasting hues that outlay the kimono really stood out to me (I’m a big fan of black BJJ Gis.)

I asked him about it and he said he was looking for good cheap BJJ gi for hard training. While he was browsing online he saw the Sanabul gi on Amazon for around $50 (price may have changed.)

I was in total disbelief! I asked him again “just $50″?

It looked too awesome to be that inexpensive, it also felt great while we were rolling.

As a crazy Gi Aficionado, as soon as I got home, I loaded up my laptop and scoured Amazon for the Sanabul BJJ Gi and he was right – The Sanabul Gi sells for exact same price on Amazon.

I read all the Sanabul BJJ Gi reviews on Amazon which all turned out to be positive.

It was a way too good offer to pass on so I immediately bought the blue & grey version of the Sanabul BJJ Gi (even though I love black, I didn’t want it to be of the same color as my friend.)

My Honest Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Gi Review

Sanabul Essential V2 Ultra Light Gi Review

I decided to write a Sanabul Gi review because I was so impressed with this Kimono company.

First off, I’m shocked that this Gi is selling for under $60, as most of the Gis I normally buy are 2 or 3 times this price and many are close enough in quality that the doubled price seems unwarranted.

Let’s get started with my review and talk about the Sanabul Essential V.2 Gi’s build quality.

The Weaving

It is blended as a single weave that I like because although single weave kimonos are less resistant to tearing, they are awesome for lightweight training.

With a gi at this price point, if it only lasts 1-2 years who cares!

The Gi was exactly that – very lightweight and very sturdy. One of the verified buyers mentioned that he has been training for 2+ years without one tear in his Sanabul Gi. And that looked genuine.

Also, the fabric used to create Sanabul Gi have an Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor treatment. I can confirm this because after hanging it outside (before washing it after a good solid roll), it still smelled clean.

As I tell everyone in 2021, Antimicrobial fabric is really a must for a good gi.

The Look

With its cool slim athletic cut, Sanabul Gi looks great when wearing it. The gi impressively is very lightweight – weighing around 3 pounds.

The rubber collar is also great. It’s thick enough to provide adequate support, but not too much to weigh you down.

The collar also remains soft after a few washes, which for me is important, as sometimes it seems gis collars start to get rough and stiff (especially when it comes to cheap Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis.)

The pants are great and have a good amount of knee support, in addition, look sturdy enough. However, I found the pants to be a little bit baggy (more on this later).

In Terms of Aesthetics

The contrast stitching of grey stands out and makes it look like a Gi double its price. The embroidery is clean and stylish, but also has a nice minimalist feel, which is great for adding your own patches of your club!

In terms of washing the gi, there was minimal shrinkage which is always a concern with gis.

I always make sure to wash all gis with cold water but even then gi shrinkage can be a real issue and important consideration to finding a decent gi.

Also, the Sanabul Gi has not toughened up but has gotten softer over time which is a good thing and a sign of quality.

In terms of rolling with the gi, from writing this Sanabul gi review, I have used the gi over 6 times in training

It has amazing breathability, and a lightweight slim feel, that will make it one of my go-to training gis in my collection.

Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Gi Specifications

Sanabul BJJ Gi Specifications

Other features of the Sanabul Essential V.2 gi are:

  • Tapered athletic cut without all the excess gi material and bagginess of a tradition gi.
  • Reinforced stitching in the jacket and pants
  • Lightweight pants with contrasting gusset, Rope drawstring
  • Preshrunk fabric: The company uses the preshrunk ultra-lightweight pearl weave fabric. The material is like any other preshrunk fabric that does not shrink in cold water.
  • Ultra-lightweight Pearl Weave fabric perfect for a summer training or competition which has the durability of a double weave kimono
  • New size chart to accommodate most body types. The Sanabul BJJ Gi Essentials V2 has a tapered athletic cut without all the excess gi material and bagginess of a traditional martial arts gi.

What I Didn’t Like About Sanabul Essential V.2 Gi

I will include two negatives in this Sanabul BJJ Gi review.

1. Not IBJJF Competition Ready

The main problem with Sanabul Gi is that it’s not IBJJF Competition ready. Which for me is not a huge downer as I will rather use a nicer Gi for my competition.

But for those that have only 1 Jiu-Jitsu Gi, this is probably an important consideration. My advice is if this going to be your only Gi is to get the IBJJF ready Sanabul Highlight Gi which costs under $100.

2. Pants Are A Bit Baggy

The only other negative thing was the pants which were slightly big for me. I did a hot drying cycle 2 times and they fit perfectly (so, everything worked out eventually).

You can also get the Sanabul gi for Kids.

Sanabul Gi Size Chart

One of the biggest problems of buying a BJJ Gi online is sizing. Each brand has its own sizing chart which makes it difficult to understand the correct size you need.

Sanabul Gi Size Chart

As per the description and comments, the Sanabul BJJ Gi runs a size down. So, I’d recommend you order one size down for the perfect fit.

You can check our complete Gi size chart to understand how to find a perfect fit.

Final Words

A good BJJ Gi will last for years and accompany you in every training or competition. Some of the most popular Gis sell for hundreds of dollars which can be out of budget for many.

With Sanabul BJJ Gi in the market, you don’t have to invest in a costly BJJ Gi to get good quality.

I hope it helped you.

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