Speed vs power: 5 Reasons Why Speed Always Beats Power

Can we blame any two people arguing endlessly about whether speed or power is better? This exciting debate will make you want to sit and add your own opinion instead of bringing peace. When it comes to ‘speed vs. power,’ everyone has their interesting reasoning behind their standpoint. It is fun to find out what they think. This is why people usually raise this topic casually whenever they are watching two people fight in a boxing ring. It shouldn’t be a surprise if you overhear the same debate between some World Wrestling Entertainment spectators. 

Speed vs. Power: An analysis 

Who do you think would win a one-on-one battle – the one with speed or the one with power? Although there are varied opinions, time has shown how speed has evolved to be a more substantial value. Power indeed has its own merit too. This is probably why some of you still want to believe power is better. To be fair enough, we will first discuss both then explain why speed always beats power.


Before going into detail, let me clarify one important thing. Speed alone does not make you a good fighter, just as power alone will not win you a medal. You may throw lightning-speed punches, but if you keep missing your opponent, my brother, can you win? It is quick actions combined with precise punches that will win you a championship title.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight and featherweight champion Conor Anthony McGregor is living proof that speed beats power. 

He would plainly choose speed each time you give him a choice of speed vs. power. He has chosen it and has worked hard to develop more of it. Let’s admit it, his body allows him to be quick, and he is rocking his natural gift. If you watch him fight, you will notice how he ends his opponent with quick punches striking at the right time. It clearly shows how quick actions are very efficient.

 If you ask experts around, you will notice that they have the same opinion- strength is not the actual goal. Be it aikido, kung fu, or taekwondo, all the masters agree on one thing- a precise and quick person is deadly. A collected, peaceful mind with accurate speed shots will bring you victory. Try studying an angry boxer who has the muscles and strength but is not at peace while fighting. If he angrily throws powerful punches but keeps missing his opponent, he wastes a lot of energy on nothing. 

Another excellent proof for the dominance of fast actions and precision in the fighting world is Muhammad Ali. His skills, together with speed, make him a well-known ‘bad man.’ 

Being born with speed is one thing; however, it requires proper and constant training to gain momentum with practice. This doesn’t mean that the one born with it doesn’t need practice- he needs to stay fit and train too. Without proper eating habits and training, you could lose a battle. 

If you remember the fight between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, Conor lost to him in the first battle. Did you notice how Conor lost his breath? He was quick with his actions but got tired and couldn’t fight as efficiently as he did in the beginning. This indicates that if speed is not accompanied by fitness, proper conditioning, and accuracy, it does not bag you anything.

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Power is synonymous with strength in the ring. It is the painful force inflicted on the rival in a battleground. It is intimidating, but just like speed, power does not land a fighter anywhere without technique. Below are the reasons why power is a great asset:

Power Gives You Longer Endurance

It requires constant fitness to put your power into practice. When you have that gift and fitness, it helps you take consistent hits without going down for a long time. You may keep getting hit, but you can keep going if you have that gifted strength. That, of course, depends on the situation. 

Power and strength provide muscle resistance. Resistance training gives your muscle a lighter feeling when you actually have to drop the weights and fight in the ring. Training for power trains your muscles to accumulate energy which ensures lesser fatigue in the actual battle. 

Your Strikes Are Hard and Effective

You could punch at the right place when you keep trying, even if the opponent was on his guard. When you have power, it takes just a blow to get him badly injured if you hit your opponent. You can even get him knocked out by one decisive strike. This comes with a disadvantage as well. You have to be careful when you hit with all your power, or else it can backfire on you. 

If you miss your opponent, you will end up hurting yourself badly. In case you keep missing your target, you could end up exhausting yourself in no time. It needs excellent practice to let power work for you without getting hurt yourself. 

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Your Opponent Feels Intimidated

Once your opponent feels the taste of your punch, he will realize your strength. The first hit already weakens them enough, and they find it hard to go on. He will have to keep guard and keep backing away to avoid another one. If he keeps dancing away with fear, you come closer to winning. 

George Foreman, also known as “Big George,” proves that power plays a significant role in a battleground. His iron fists have made him a world heavyweight champion twice. Out of all the fights he participated in, the majority of his wins were by KO. His hard punches did the talking for him even if he had no eye-catching footwork. This shows that you cannot mess with a person who has the power either. 

Five Reasons Why Speed Always Beat Power:

Now that you have been introduced to both the skills, read these five reasons why speed always beats power. You will realize that indeed, there is something special about fast actions:

1. Speed Allows You To Land More Hits

A person with speed can move his hands quickly before the opponent is even ready to take in a hit yet. Speedy, accurate hands can help you send endless counterattacks to the other person. No matter how powerful your rival is, his mind will be filled with doubt about his own skill when he keeps getting hit. Doubt and fear in a fighter’s mind is a natural killer. Slowing down the other person’s action with doubt, you can dominate the game and win.

2. Speed Helps You Confuse Your Powerful Competitor

A person with quick movements can confuse his competitor. You can strike fast punches at one target after another while your opponent is still trying to cope up. While gathering his brain about the first few punches, your quick hands can leave him frozen. These can leave him guarding himself the entire fight while you attack him endlessly. So, even if your opponent is powerful, he can miss his chances to hit you if you keep changing your angles and directions. 

3. Quick Hands Allows You to Throw unexpected Punches:

When the pace of your hit is so brisk, there are chances that a few of those strikes would have been unexpected. When your action is slow, the other person already sees that coming and protects himself or counterattack. However, no matter how much your competitor is on guard, fast actions can make you unpredictable. You could have already landed by the time your rival realizes he is about to be hit. When that happens, you can inflict a lot of pain because he was not mentally ready to receive that. An unanticipated offense has a higher level of landing on the accurate target.

4. Quick Response-You Become a Hard Catch:

Your rival may be a good fighter and have the skills to make way past your substantial fist barriers. However, if you have speed, you can make your way to victory with it. Speed attack is one thing; speedy protection is another thing. Just as accurate attacks are essential, accurately slipping away from your rival’s moves takes away your rival’s points. Efficiently changing directions quickly when they attack will only waste the other person’s effort and energy. Quickly changing angles save you from harm too.

Quick Defense is as much crucial as quick attacks. When you combine both these skills, your quality as a boxer goes to another level of being good. Your opponent finds it almost impossible to land strikes on you, making it hard for him to win points.

A rival with power could knock you off with just a blow. However, if you never give him the chance to hit you- you are already on your way to the championship.

5. Decrease Your Rival’s Counterattacks:

Your opponent automatically counterattacks when your strikes are slow. This reflex action is because your punch is predictable, and it gives him time to think and plan his move accordingly. However, when you keep punching at lightning speed, they can only protect themselves. It would be almost impossible to get time to plan his counterattack. This gives you control over how you want to proceed with the fight. They can back down and start acting up again only when you stop the endless strikes. 

Imagine your rival is a fighter with so much power that everyone dreads fighting with him. His confidence is up because he knows himself- he could knock you out by his first few minutes. 

Let us face reality- most boxers may have power with lesser speed or have speed with lesser power. There’s your strong point- you have your quick body. This means your powerful rival may not move as quickly as you when you blow him a series of punches. When you keep throwing countless attacks, your strong competitor will get no chance to knock you out. Even if he gets the opportunity to hit you, your speed will help you slide away from his strike quickly. Any human being will definitely kneel down in pain at one point in time if they are hit consistently. That will be your award-winning moment. 

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So if you are up for a debate on speed vs. power, it definitely is the speed that wins a battle. If you train well enough and master your techniques, your skills will help you pull down your powerful opponent. Your opponent finds it hard to bring you harm, but you keep serving a continuous flow of punches. You become a threat even to an opponent who has power. Your fights and wins prove that good speed indeed is the ultimate power. It is something special that is given a special place even at the amateur level. At the professional level, it becomes your invaluable weapon for victory. 

Speed is not just about your quick hands but also about your entire body’s actions. Fighters take time to train hard to improve their speed. They know that excellent speed will help them produce unexpected attacks while protecting themselves from unexpected hits. Fast response in a battle is definitely a winner. It gives no space for slow thoughts. You need to throw more strikes if you want to win, and that is what speed gives you. 

It ultimately limits counterattacks from the competitor’s side because the majority of the time, they are shielding themselves from being hit. If you freeze them, land endless punches on them and dominate the rhythm of the fight, you are the winner! 

Quick Additional Note

A fighter with speed indeed dominates the ring if he has mastered his techniques. However, it is essential to take note that a combination of both speed and power is a deadly combination. It requires a high level of IQ and training to ace both together. If you are not choosing between them, but trains for both- my brother, you are the real indestructible fighter.

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