Tatami Nova Gi Review: Great BJJ Gi for Beginners On A Budget

With the trend of Jiu-Jitsu being on the rise, a lot of people have started with the clothing line. 

But because of the plethora of options that you get online, finding the right quality BJJ Gi that will be good for you gets difficult.

To help you out, I’m sharing my detailed Tatami Nova Gi review so that you can make an informed choice and decide if it’ll be worth your money.

But first, let me introduce you to the brand itself – Tatami.

About Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear is the U.K. established brand and manufactures clothing mainly for fighters of Jiu-Jitsu. The company had been in the business since 2009 and was set up by Lee Jones and Gareth Dummer.

Tatami is known for producing great quality BJJ gear at affordable prices (which is what we all love.) 

Now they have become a global brand and even sponsor the best Jiu-Jitsu athlete in the field. 

While shopping online, one of the focuses I emphasize is the kind of customer service that I get. 

Tatami does a great job here and you can get in touch with their team in case of any doubts that you have and they are more than happy to help you.

Tatami Nova Gi Review: How Good Is It?

Tatami Nova Gi Review

Quick Specifications

  • Jacket: 350GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Pants: Cotton tapered pants
  • Belt: Free White Belt
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Collar: Rubber
  • Colors: Traditional- White, Blue, Black

What’s Included In The Box?

Tatami Nova Absolute Gi Review

With your purchase of Tatami Nova Gi, you get a jacket, pants, and a white belt in the combo.

The product quality of all these items is better that I thought considering the price point. Let’s discuss quality of each item in detail.

1. Jacket

You can get this in three color variants of white, black, and navy blue.

The fabric is lightweight and the main reason for this is that the jacket s made from a single piece of cloth and weighs just 425 grams.

2. Patches

The jacket also has a patch stitched over each of the shoulders and there is another small patch at the left lapel bottom. 

In case you are looking for something that offers a simple appeal, you can remove the patches as well. 

However, doing this on your own will indeed take additional effort as the stitches are double layered for keeping it secure over the jacket. 

3. Rubber Collar

The benefit of rubber collars is that prevents any sweat absorption. Also, this makes it bacteria resistant as well collar dries out faster.

4. Pants

You also get cotton pants that weigh 10 ounces. There are pant patches that have a logo of the brand on it.

Then there is one other small patch that’s placed on the upper side of the right thigh. Again, if you don’t like it, you can always remove it.

5. Rope Drawstring

The pants have a rope drawstring that allows you better pant fastening so that you have a lot more comfortable training experience. 

The drawstring length is enough for double tying the knots that also decreases the frequency of times that you need for adjusting the pants.

6. Double Reinforced Knee Padding 

You also get double reinforced knee padding that has been stitched thrice across all of the stress points on the pants.

This additional fabric layer can be used for strengthening the front area of pants.

7. Cord Loops and Belt

2 cord loops can be used for tightening the rope drawstring. There are other options available as well that come from varied brands that also have pants that have several cord loops. 

This means better point security and the division of drawstring to tighten up. 

If this is your first Gi, then having a free white belt, will be a bonus for you. 


Tatami Gi Review Features

Tatami Nova Gi is very light in weight and will hold up well after heavy usage as well. It has a sturdy collar as well as seams that are secured with triple stitching.

Please keep in mind that you can experience minor shrinking after the first wash, and the easy solution is to choose a Gi size accordingly. 

Apart from that, you will be good to go and this piece will last you for a long time.

Fit and Comfort

It is always recommended that you always double-check the measurements in case you are not sure about the specific size that you need to go for.

With this piece, I recommend that you order a size up, so that in case of shrink with the first wash, you will have no issues at all.

In case you are a skinny student, going for a tight fit will be a better option so that you don’t have any problems with bulkier grapplers. 

As the material that it’s made from is light in weight you can feel very comfortable while you wear it. 

It is the best choice while we discuss avoiding abrasions occurring because of prolonged rolling. 

This will be your go-to choice as several competitions don’t allow wearing rash guards.  The tapered pants make sure it fits very well and looks great.


Tatami nova has a simple design more focused on the no-nonsense quality gear approach. 

It is available in four main colors of blue, black, khaki, and white that you can choose from and it offers a clean distinct look.

There are badges across the shoulder area and on the hip. If you want, you can also remove it for a cleaner look.

In case you are on a strict budget, there is a low chance that you’ll get a better quality product at this cost.


  • You get a free belt with it
  • For the ultimate feel and comfort, it’s made from abrasion-resistant fabric
  • The rubberized collar provides bacteria resistance and sweat absorption
  • It also has a tapered fitted design for having improved comfort and fit
  • You get almost ten size choices, so you can be sure of finding the perfect fit for you


  • You just get two belt hoops
  • Can shrink a little after wash

Tatami Size Chart

Here’s the official size chart to refer to before buying any Tatami Gi.

Tatami Size Chart Official
Official Tatami Size Chart for Men, Women, and Kids Gi

Final Verdict

It must have been clear from the above Tatami Nova Gi review that the product is worth a buy.

They offer a clean design that’s durable and has an affordable price range. It is going to be perfect for competitions as it’s made of anti-abrasion fabric and is light in weight.

To sum up my Tatami Nova Gi review, I’d say Tatami has come up with one of the best quality Gi that you can find in the market today for an affordable price. Get one for yourself now!

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