How Much Do UFC Ring Girls Make?

Have you ever thought how much those pretty ring girls who spice up the event in UFC made? Even though some fighters earn less, the ring girls earn a pretty handsome amount. Yes, the ring girls, who make their appearances before the start, and during the match. The Ring Girls have been reported to be making around $500 – $1,000 for each fight and $5,000 for each fight they appear in. Let us take a look into their work that is more lucrative than it appears and a detailed breakdown of their earnings per match.

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What is a UFC Ring Girl’s Job?

Even though the UFC ring girl’s work may seem pretty easy, it is more complex than you think. The ring girls have to stand, sit, and look beautiful carrying the sign with the number of the roundabout to take place at the UFC events for the audience and the cameras. It is pretty daunting work, dealing with a lot of unwanted remarks and advances from fans and sometimes even coworkers, while wearing the bikini for hours on end. Some ring girls are reported to have to work around 13-hour during UFC events.

“I think people don’t realize how much work it is to be a model,” argued the UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste, who also said that living like a mannequin while clients are putting on different outfits is not easy and a lot of people would not know that unless they are on her shoes.

The UFC organization offers ring girls’ warm blankets to cover themselves if it gets too cold, but it can still be uncomfortable being along the ringside, which means blood and sweat of the fighters can splatter onto ring girls. In addition, the ring girls have more duties like signing things for fans, attending meet-and-greets, and posing for brands.

However, all that hard work pays off. Working as an Octagon Girl, especially in events like the UFC, is a pretty good gig. While many Ring Girls are a lot more famous than the rest, the UFC provides them an equal pay when they are chosen for the UFC main fighting event, and are also provided bonuses according to their performance.

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How Much Do Ring Girls Earn?

According to the New York Post reports, an average ring girl makes around $30,000 – $75,000 a year. On the other hand, other more famous UFC ring girls earn a lot more. For example, Arianny Celeste, who has been selected by the UFC at the age of 21-years-old, has been with the company since 2006. She reportedly earns around $1M yearly, which makes her the most-paid Ring Girl. Also, Camila Oliveira is the 2nd richest UFC girl in the ring and is reported to be earning a yearly salary of fifty thousand dollars. At the same time, ring girls such as Brittney Palmer, Chrissy Blair, and Carly Baker make around $30,000 a year.

Many of the most successful ring girls use their UFC job as a launchpad for a bigger career like modeling, TV hosting, and influencers. Arianny Celeste, being a ring girl for the UFC for more than a decade, used her popularity to build a large fan base of over 3 million Instagram followers, work as a model for Maxim, Playboy, FHM, Fighter’s Only, and Sports Illustrated Magazine, TV host and brand ambassador. Maxim voted her “The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl” in 2010, and Celeste also modeled for the Playboy magazine issue of November 2010, which had been among the best-selling issues of the year.

Below we have laid together the top 7 salaries of the Octagon Girls as reported from Sportekz:

NameFight ExpensesPPV FightAnnual Salary
Arianny Celeste1000 dollars5000 dollars1 Million dollars
Camila Oliveira1000 dollars5000 dollars50,000 dollars
Brittney Palmer1000 dollars5000 dollars30,000 dollars
Chrissy Blair1000 dollars5000 dollars30,000 dollars
Carly Baker1000 dollars5000 dollars30,000 dollars
Vanessa Hanson1000 dollars5000 dollars20,000 dollars
Rachelle Leah1000 dollars5000 dollars20,000 dollars

Becoming a ring girl has many advantages and perks such as the above and if the ring girls can build their brands very well, then they can be very successful.

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How Do You Become a UFC Ring Girl?

Even though the modeling business has numerous faces that can join the UFC Octagon Girls list, not everyone makes it. Although a ring girl’s main work is to be as beautiful and pretty, it is much more complicated. A ring girl is obligated to be physically fit above all others with a good diet and exercise routine which are crucial. 

The reason is because the ring girls are not only required to add spice to the UFC events but also to market for the UFC’s sponsorships. This means that rather than wearing fancy clothes, the UFC ring girls should represent brands like Monster Energy drinks among many other endorsements.

Like the UFC fighters themselves, getting gigs for small events can be the path for ring girls to gain experience and also to get noticed by the UFC. A modeling agency can get you through to the UFC if you are committed to becoming a ring girl.

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Controversies Regarding Ring Girls

Some sports journalists and players claim that ring girls are not necessary and are being used as sexual attraction for the male audience. During a recent EFC press conference, the retired star Khabib Nurmagomedov had called the ring girls the most unnecessary individuals in the UFC.

The star Khabib has been reported to have said that his intent is not to offend, but history has shown us many mistakes. The purpose we study history is to not repeat the mistakes we did in the past in our future. He also said that according to history, the ring girls are useless. 

Following the slam, many UFC stars came to the support of the ring beauties, including the prior UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. Bisping, in one of the episodes of the podcast “Believe You Me”, shunned Khabibs comments and claimed that Octagon ring girls are an important aspect of the UFC industry.

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