The Title Wall Mount Heavy Bag Review – The Ultimate Guide

One of the best choices for a wall punching bag available is the Title Wall Mount Heavy Bag. It’s a cross between a kicking pad and a dummy. Most fundamental and universal techniques, like hook punches and front kicks, can be thrown, as well as intelligent methods launched from angles, such as uppercuts or round kicks that make an impact with each punch, otherwise known as Japanese kicks. 

The Wall Mount bag can be described as a very innovative piece of hardware that enables for more specialized training methods not offered with a kicking pad or traditional heavy bag. As a result, it’s a one-of-a-kind wall-mounted punch pad or wall punching bag. It does, however, have a few flaws as well as having benefits.

What is a Wall Mount Heavy Bag and How Does It Work?

This bag is usually a custom-made bag or a sturdy piece of gym equipment that you use both at home and in the gym. Rather than being used as regular bags, these bags are intended to be permanently attached to the wall. Since it is attached to the wall, it is referred to as a wall mount heavy bag.

Benefits of Wall Mount Heavy Bags

Wall-mounted heavy bags enable you to practice outside of the usual gym, on the streets, or even in your own home. The wall mount heavy bag is ideal for people who train in homes or commercial settings where having a heavy bag is not permitted. The bag is easy to move around the house because it can only be raised by the handle and has no further support. There is no dirt or uneven floor surface that could cause damage to the bag. The bag features a peg on which it can be hung. If you want, you can also hang it on the walls.

Features of The Bag

While the mounting bag performs many of the same functions as a normal heavy bag, it is differentiated by its rectangular shape. It resembles a basic pad for kicking rather than the conventional spherical shape of a heavy bag. Instead of dangling from a chain, they are anchored to a wall, giving the illusion of a practice dummy which is stationary.

The second thing to note about the bag is jutting the upper section which has 4 targets pad. This is where punches to the head are practiced. One is in the front, allowing for close-up shots. Then there’s the section on both sides where you’d normally practice throwing hook punches. Finally, on the bottom there is a target pad which allows for strategies like distinct and decisive upper cushioning.

The bag’s bottom is thick and flat and thick, making it ideal for punches to the body and combative knees. The bag’s protruding upper half forces the user to alter their body as if they were working out against a real opponent. When delivering blows, the user must tilt their body and/or extend their hips inside while adjusting the direction of their knees.

Durability & Quality

The mounting bag’s lifetime is greatly enhanced by being attached to the wall. The bag will not move even if you hit it very hard. Wear and tear of the bag is the one thing one should be concerned about. The sturdiness of the wall into which it is drilled is the other thing one should be concerned about. If the bag is attached securely into the drywall then it should be fine.Alt

The immovability of the mount bag is a blessing and a curse. Here are a few reasons why: One never has to recenter the bag after a forceful strike, because it does not move. 

On the other hand, as a result of this, it has several flaws. To name a few, it offers an unrealistic sense of opposition that one would normally experience when striking a human. Whether you hit a trained fighter or not, the natural human tendency is to move when hit by someone.

Boxers who were able to get complete knockouts early in fights were traditionally the only ones who found success while remaining practically motionless. Otherwise, they are on opposing ends of the range. The fact that the mounting bag is immobile contributes to the skewed sense of time. Hitting, focus mitts,Thai pads, a heavy bag, and particularly an opponent, necessitates significantly greater hand-eye coordination than striking a stationary target. Nothing ever comes to a halt in the arena of Combat Sports.

Applications & Usage

Despite the apparent drawbacks of the bag, it is nevertheless incredibly effective and may bring major rewards to your fitness plan if utilized appropriately.

Methods from Angles

As previously noted, the mounting bag’s projecting top half allows for the drill of numerous techniques from angles, such as uppercuts. This equipment is possibly the best substitute for sparring partners or focus mitts for practicing uppercuts. It is also an excellent tool for delivering knees to the head.

Movement and Angles

The fact that you can throw extended combos with a variety of techniques that you would not be able to practice on a regular heavy bag should be enough to persuade you. It also allows the user to perfect some moves at a slower pace without having to worry about the target slipping out of range. It also enables you to train at a fast and exciting pace for cardiovascular purposes.

Upper Body Movement

The basics will always be important in sports which take place in the ring, but it is crucial to be as observant as possible as a fighter. Punches, uppercuts, and over hands are all excellent moves that can offer you a competitive advantage and perhaps help you win a fight.

Boxers may throw power shots, overhands (fists and elbows), and other techniques from a variety of angles with the diamond shape bag, almost as efficiently had they been hitting concentration mitts. The expanded upper portion of the bag serves as a target for headshots. The bag’s curved center is the best variety available for training knees. Throwing knees requires the user to totally trust their hip inwards and upwards. The angle at which you’d have to launch a knee in order to hit your opponent in the chest.

Preventing Damage To Your Walls

If your bag is too heavy to be mounted on the stated weight capacity, you risk destroying it or damaging your walls. It would help if you considered using a wall mount bag stand or a heavy-duty hanger. A typical luggage hanger can carry up to 100 lbs, while a heavy-duty hanger can carry 200 lbs.

The fact that the pad won’t move doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move as well. Punching from an extreme angle allows you to deliver round kicks to the head and body. Combos involving stride off at angles to hit shots to the rib cage and kidneys can also be practiced. 

Despite the fact that the bag does not move, technique and the proper form are necessary for successful use. So the issue is, will wall mount heavy bags help you improve? People are hesitant because they assume a wall-mounted heavy bag isn’t as effective. After all, you can’t strike and kick while swinging a heavy bag.

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