MMAWarehouse Brand- What Happened To It?

MMAWarehouse declared that they officially closed their retail store, which is terrible news for all the ardent customers and fighters that depend on it. But the good news is they transited formally into a new brand called Hypnotik. So now you can breathe a sigh of relief. It means that you can still get the same stuff you usually buy. 

For athletes in the world of MMA (Mix Martial Arts), MMAWarehouse is a well-reputed brand for more than a decade. It supplies all the kits, clothing, accessories, and gear that an MMA fighter requires for all kinds of training. It is the largest retailer of combat sports goods and accessories, which also received the Bizrate’s Circle of Excellence award in 2014. 

However, customers cannot log into the official website leading them to believe that something is not right. If you fear for the worst, you don’t have to worry a lot about it.

Why do people love MMAWarehouse?

Since establishing the brand in 2004, it has rapidly grown to become one of the most used and loved retail brands by the combat sports community. 

Fighters and trainers can get all the products from the top brands around the world through MMAWarehouse. It provides you with the latest and best-assorted products that you can use. You get all the top brands like American Fighter, Hypnotik, Affliction, etc. 

MMAWarehouse carefully lists all the products with all the crucial details, and that is where MMAWarehouse shines. As a brand, you can expect fresh customers who are new to the sport, and those detailed descriptions help them. 

The team from MMAWarehouse does an excellent job at providing the best description of each product so that you won’t have to spend your time doing product research. The information they provide is genuine and highly reliable.   

The products you get are always genuine and appreciated by the customers, and you can find some great reviews about them. However, what stands out the most is the reliable, award-winning customer support that MMAWarehouse provides. The customer support team from MMAWarehouse is truly one of a kind. 

They value every customer and cater to their needs 24/7 and just one call, text, or email away from every information you will ever need for a product. Statistics also prove the claim because getting positive feedbacks from over 200,000 customers is no flux indeed. 

With everything that MMAWarehouse is known for, you can’t miss the frequent discounts and offers it provides for the customers. You can expect regular sales to get your products by saving some of your money by using the coupon codes. 

The FightCash Rewards program is another highlight of the brand where every customer receives points for purchasing and interacting with the store. You can use the points for all your future purchases. 

What can you buy from the new MMAWarehouse website?

MMAWarehouse is truly the one-stop solution for all combat sports professionals and enthusiasts. The question is, what can’t you get from MMAWarehouse? Because every accessory or tool you can think of is available on their website like;

Why the transition to another brand?

The MMAWarehouse transited because they struggled to keep up with the pressure and competition in the combat sports market. Profit margins determine a brand or company’s success or failure, and MMAWarehouse wasn’t finding those desired profit margins. 

MMA has grown in its popularity over the years rapidly. The audience keeps getting bigger, and the number of fighters keeps growing, which means competition from other online stores and brands. Eventually, the brand and the online store had to drop all the other products from different brands to cut their losses. 

They decided to stick with Hypnotik because that was the only brand selling well for them. But the team from MMAWarehouse has plans to get more affiliations with top brands to provide the best products for the customers. 

Any retail brand that wants to establish itself as number one in the business has to start partnering with the top brands. That is another reason why MMAWarehouse took the transitional step. If you have tried visiting the official website of MMAWarehouse, you will notice that it leads to Hypnotik. 

About Hypnotik

As one of the top-selling brands previously on the MMAWarehouse site, the decision to transition to Hypnotik makes sense. Hypnotic is the brand that the team from MMAWarehouse currently manages. 

There are very few products available on their website, but you can expect it to change soon. The goal is to start partnering with other top brands to grow, and at present, Adidas is one of those brands associated with Hypnotic. 

What can you get from Hypnotik?

The official Hypnotik website has options for Boxing, BJJ, Brands, and sale. Each category is self-explanatory. If you go to the boxing section, you will find everything from gloves, protective clothing, accessories, punching bag, and coaching accessories like punch kits. You will also notice that most of the products on the website are from Adidas since they are partners. 

Compared to Adidas, the Hypnotik products are less. At present, it sells armor rash t-shirts, shorts, track pants, and Jiu-Jitsu clothing. So the product options are limited. However, you can expect it to change soon with the introduction of other top brands. 

You can still grab some of their products on sale, like boxing wraps, mouth guards, gloves, and jump rope. However, some of the promo features and discount codes provided by MMAWarehouse are not available. Hopefully, that changes soon.

MMAWarehouse products on Amazon

Ever since MMAWarehouse closed the doors, people have questioned whether they can buy the products retailed and sold by the brand. The good news is you can still find them on Amazon. All the products previously sold by MMAWarehouse from top brands like Hayabusa, Hypnotik, American Fighter, etc., are available. 

So if you want to try another outlet to purchase products from the brands you love sold by MMAWarehouse, you can buy them from

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